5.2134.     AR AR

From the evil eye should sprinkle hands and face with Holy water. For reliability still it is possible and entirely to plunge into a font with sacred water. The procedure should be done weekly.

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6.1048.     AR AR

Corruption is fear born of pride.

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6.3720. Removing damage is getting rid of fear.     AR AR

Corruption is fear, fear to infect you, and you start to make a lot of mistakes. Removing you spell, the magician frees you from fear.

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8.6277.     AR AR

Secret, keep everything of value for yourself, the secret is humility, it will protect you from envy, malice, thieves, evil eye, etc.

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8.6278.     AR AR

The evil eye is a denunciation to the heavenly office that someone lives better than they should... be modest, do not give cause for envy.

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8.6290.     AR AR

From the evil eye to ward Muse (dream) and her servants... faith, hope, love, work,... and, oddly enough, money. Money loves its owner and perfectly protect from the evil eye.

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8.6291.     AR AR

From the evil eye to ward love, all who and all that love you create a protective energy shield, protecting you from the Legion of trouble.

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8.8705. Breaking a hex spell.     AR AR

If  things  that  you  do  fell  to  decay  and  your  kith  and  kin  are  attacked  by  problems  and  misfortunes,  it  means  that  someone  put  a  jinx  on  you.  In  order  to  break  a  hex  spell,  it's  necessary  to  take  one  of  the  books  from  "Variothoughts"  called  "Demonology"  and  perform  the  ritual  of  the  spirit  of  fire,  saying  repeatedly:  "Demons  go  away,  demons  go  away".

If  the  problem  is  about  health  issues,  it's  necessary  to  take  the  book  called  "Medicus"  and  having  performed  the  ritual  of  the  spirit  of  fire,  say  aloud:  "Diseases  go  away".

If  the  problem  is  concerned  with  love  relationships,  the  ritual  of  fire  should  be  performed  with  the  use  of  "The  Tutorial  of  Love  and  Happiness",  by  saying  aloud  the  essence  of  problems.

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9.1651. Jinx and malefice.     AR AR

The  closer  some  person  is  to  you,  the  more  this  person  influences  your  karma.  Distant  ones  can  barely  hurt  you,  but  really  close  people  can  do  it  easily.  Avoid  any  envy  or  hate  coming  from  people  who  are  close  to  you.  When  talking  face-to-face,  you  should  control  your  pridefulness  and  vanity,  otherwise  people  who  think  badly  of  you  may  put  a  jinx  on  you  or  hex  and  damage  your  karma.  If  they  put  a  jinx  on  you,  count  yourself  unlucky  as  a  chain  of  misfortunes  will  soon  follow  you.
  In  order  to  break  a  hex  spell,  perform  a  ritual  of  raising  the  spirit  of  fire,  repent  and  never  again  be  boastful.  Instead,  try  to  foster  modesty  and  nice  attitude  to  people.

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10.14337. The cure for stupidity.     AR AR

The cleansing rite is very good at removing damage, fears, and clearing the mind of opacities and obscurations.

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10.22750.     AR AR

The evil eye is subject to those whose eyes judge.  Do not judge, and do not jinx you.

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10.39943.     AR AR

Hypnosis, the evil eye, the curse is all fear.  To get rid of hypnosis, you need to quell fear.  To quell fear is not to believe in it.  In order not to believe – you do not need to ask.  Start by stopping asking for salvation.  The very request for salvation already generates fear and all that you want to be saved from.

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10.50066.     AR AR

The evil eye is a curse similar to a gin bottle.  You're afraid of the curse.  You resist the curse, and it clings to you from all sides, giving you shape.  The curse becomes you and determines your movements.  To free yourself from the curse, you need to come to terms with it, stop resisting it, say:  "Yes, well, so be it."  Then the curse, finding no support in resistance, will disappear.  Strong curses are well removed by seven-day rituals or enchanted herbs.

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10.50069.     AR AR

The evil eye is like a curse, it's like being doused with black tar.  You look in the mirror and see a black figure.  You've become a curse.  Everywhere you go, everything breaks.

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10.51423.     AR AR

We work with three types of problems.  Not everyone can be helped, but if there is such an opportunity, we will definitely implement it.

Cost 70 thousand. payment for the result.

Problem one.  This is an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence.  This is essential for building a successful personal life, career, and business.

The second problem is the struggle with dependencies.  Addictions turn a person into their slave, interfere with work and destroy life.  The nature of all dependencies is the same.  Alcohol.  Drug addiction.  Nicotine addiction.  Food addictions.  Love addiction and obsession.  These are all dependencies that have the same nature, so the method of dealing with them is identical.

The third problem is specific and is associated with such a concept as the evil eye and damage.  You can believe in the evil eye, you can not believe, but when it is, it carries failures, disappointments and diseases.  The evil eye is a curse and a living, life-poisoning fear.  If you have such a nuisance, then the evil eye needs to be removed, and we can help you with this.

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10.53278.     AR AR

The evil eye is fear, if you believe in fear, if you make an idol out of fear, it affects you.  The essence of removing the evil eye is to carry out the correct procedure that removes the evil eye to get rid of fear.  The very concept of the evil eye is useful, because it gives hope.  Hope Heals.  The evil eye itself can be called fear.  If you are afraid of a certain problem, for example, infertility, it automatically becomes your evil eye.

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10.53279.     AR AR

The point is that if you are afraid of your fear and believe it, this is called the evil eye. 

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10.61036.     AR AR

How does the evil eye occur?  The man envied you.  The evil eye is someone else's envy.  Especially the evil eye is strong if you communicate closely with this person and also think about him.

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10.66795.     AR AR

They are ashamed that they were offended.  Resentment is very related to shame.  Resentment seems to have made them imperfect or to indicate their imperfection.  Imperfection is depravity, weakness, depravity, etc.

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10.69402.     AR AR

Neurotic loves the evil eye.  The neurotic is very fond of scapegoats on which to project his guilt or sense of Duty.  For example, the ideal asks the neurotic, why is everything so bad?  The ego is urgently looking for someone to blame?  AHA!  I was jinxed, I'm not to blame.  The excuse, of course, is rotten.  The cunning ideal begins to urgently demand to remove the evil eye.

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