3949.     AR AR

As  a  natural  source  of  pleasure,  adrenaline  is  an  essential  component  of  happiness.  A  person  deprived  of  adrenaline,  falls  into  a  sad  state  and  drowns  in  it  the  way  a  fly  drowns  in  sticky  syrup. 

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9.377. Mechanics of the stress influence on a patient`s recovery     AR AR

Stress  leads  to  a  sudden  adrenaline  rush.  Adrenaline  is  a  source  of  energy.  Having  received  a  tenfold  amount  of  energy,  human’s  immunity  gets  a  chance  to  kill  the  disease  with  a  single  strike.  This  method  can  be  used  to  cure  any  diseases,  even  the  most  severe  ones.

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9.808.     AR AR

Diseases  don’t  like  either  high,  or  low  temperatures.  Cold  bathes  are  very  good  for  health  and  occasional  diving  in  freezing  water  (an  ice  hole  or  a  font)  provides  sudden  stress  and  an  adrenaline  rush  that  kills  lots  of  different  diseases.

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3.1994.     AR AR

If you want to accelerate, you need courage, adrenaline and excitement...

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3.1995. Speed must be protected.     AR AR

It's okay if you slow down.  Adrenaline does not need too much, and then there will be addictive and it will cease to act. 

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4.3492. Slow down.     AR AR

If you do not slow down in your favorite business, you can accelerate so much that the level of adrenaline in the blood reaches a critical level. Terrible stress will give rise to the first strengthening of the immune system. Therefore, enthusiastic people usually do not get sick while passionate about their business. But then everything will go on a negative scenario. First, overstrain of the immune system generates autoimmune and allergic diseases. And secondly, then the immune system will Deplete and the person in its absence will die from something like cancer. Therefore, many workaholics usually end up with cancer or some other muck. The process can also be accompanied by a drop in sensitivity to joy and a person falls into depression, fear and paranoia, which then leads to strokes, heart attacks, blood clots and a bunch of other stuff.

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5.1250.     AR AR

Tao is like downhill skiing, adrenaline, ease and excitement.

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5.1286.     AR AR

Tao requires a little fear and adrenaline. But overabundance of adrenaline and exhaustion of fears, leads to the loss of Tao. Now, when fear has to be sought, everything becomes so insipid and dull.

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5.1376.     AR AR

It takes beauty to fall in love with it... excitement, adrenaline, ... fighting for fire, it's like skiing from the mountains... recklessly, with adrenaline, easy and tasteful. This is what is called "the dragon comes down from the mountains", this is called drive.

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5.2861.     AR AR

Beauty produces in the human brain a number of hormones, dopamine, noradrenaline and oxytocin. Oxytocin is very useful for the state, because it develops patriotism, unity and love for the Motherland in people.

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6.3103.     AR AR

To fat burned more effectively, you need the hormone adrenaline and norepinephrine. That is, cardio to help lose weight.

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6.3106.     AR AR

The humor is that stress makes you lose weight, but if you get stuck with stress, you get fat right away. Stress produces adrenaline, adrenaline causes a series of chemical reactions leading to fat burning... on the one hand, and on the other, their accumulation of fats to replenish and increase stocks.

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6.3114.     AR AR

People lose weight a little due to physical activity, but a lot due to the hormone adrenaline and norepinephrine, which they stand out.

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6.3117.     AR AR

Pleasure is also stress, and it releases adrenaline. Addiction to pleasure deprives the body there to produce adrenaline, and so people are heavily fattening.

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6.3119.     AR AR

In a state of rest, a person fattens as quickly and fruitfully as in chronic stress, when there is a depletion of adrenaline production.

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6.3122.     AR AR

Stress can be both fear and pleasure. Fun produces adrenaline and noradrenaline, and fear adds his cortisol. Chronic fear or an overabundance of pleasure equally break the body, depleting it, and reduce the production of hormones.

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6.3521.     AR AR

If tension and aggression are not removed directly or through sublimation, the threshold level of its operation will begin to fall to the point where people will kill each other for a trivial reason. To relieve tension, useful sex, holidays and rest on weekends and holidays, personal growth, some extreme games related to sex or adrenaline, you can even just scream or talk.

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7.3458.     AR AR

Lack of norepinephrine causes inhibition.

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7.3465.     AR AR

Depression is a natural mechanism for treating psychosis. When a person falls into psychosis, the body reduces the release of dopamine and norepinephrine, which causes depression. But since depression is better than psychosis, it's a justified decision.

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7.3473.     AR AR

During stress, cortisol and adrenaline are produced. Cortisol lowers dopamine levels in the brain. Reducing dopamine reduces the need for sex and sports, and thus increasing obesity and causing depression.

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