6.908.     AR AR

The divine idea and craft of mortgages and loans for construction and business is that once you take just a few steps towards beauty, then God helps the walking.

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10.274. A miracle is God's Providence.     AR AR

A miracle will not save a sinner, a miracle is dangerous for a sinner, miracles for sinners are bad luck.

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2.3119.     AR AR

Luna laughs faintly., 
reflecting in the water. 

In the world of the living roams  she,   
worshipping the dead.

Greedy huge hunger 
wandering like a black skeleton, 
would he eat a whole city,   
yes there is no.

Like withered leaves  – 
pouring down the roads  – 
yellow flat people, 
so petrifying.

Who was shaken out of life there? 
Who is lying there not picked up?

What is divine providence here  – 

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9.9989. A gift.     AR AR

Benefit  is  the  divine  grace  that  a  man  who  accepted  the  divine  intention  managed  to  obtain.

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10.1770. God the hunter.     AR AR

God works in mysterious ways.  Man cannot understand the Providence of God. 
"What do you mean, fishing?" 
- Goals.  On what he's after, why and in what ways wants to achieve.

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10.1850. Divine Providence.     AR AR

Faith means trust; he who believes trusts.  A believer in God must have complete confidence in God and his divine Providence.  God is humane, his ways are inscrutable and if he does something, then everything is for the best.

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10.2394. Think about how the problem might help the case.     AR AR

The fact that God does everything for the best means that you need to seek in the Providence of God what brings you closer and helps you to serve your mission in life.  In no case does the Providence of God interfere with the service of the mission.

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10.33631.     AR AR

I would like to emphasize that the very fact of suffering is a sin of pride.  The righteous see hope and divine providence in everything.

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10.57696.     AR AR

What does it mean to let go and accept?  Say "let".  Let it be as it will be.  Everything is God's Providence.

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10.58165.     AR AR

In any case, you should always keep the hope for the best.  The universe hears our hopes and, if it is possible and in accordance with God's Providence, fulfills them.

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10.58281.     AR AR

To relax, Tame Your Ego.  Ask yourself, Who am I?  I am a servant of God.  My business is to serve God's Providence.  My sufferings and my joys are all the will of my master.  Blessed are the poor in spirit, and blessed am I, for I accept my fate without a murmur.

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10.58285.     AR AR

I do not resent the fact that I was convicted.  There is no surprise in this.  Everything is God's Providence.  If it happened, then it is necessary.  The judgments of others do not wound me, for I am not their slave.

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10.59109.     AR AR

The providence of God is that God is good, and all problems arise from the fact that man resists the providence of God.  It's very simple.  Beat-run, Give-Take, do not resist Providence.

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10.61001.     AR AR

The meaning of humility is the realization that suffering is not something unjust.  In suffering there is the providence of God or the sins of human pride, which are called ignorance, greed, selfishness, etc.  Suffering is useful and necessary for a person as an air and a guide for moral improvement.

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10.61569. God is in the eye of the beholder.     AR AR

They say God cannot be seen.  This is a misconception.  A believer has the hope of seeing the divine in everything.  The mind that has seen the Divine is filled with joy.  God is in the heart and eyes of the beholder.  A believer sees the divine and God's Providence in everything.

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10.62107.     AR AR

If something negative happens, then this is the providence of God, the essence of which is the pacification of my pride.  I humble my will before the providence of God.

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10.62539.     AR AR

He who is contrite trusts in God and sees in his contrition divine providence and Grace.  Angels rejoice in the brokenness of the heart, demons fear it as Hellfire.

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10.63909.     AR AR

Pray and the fear will leave you.  Everything is God's Providence. 

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10.65136.     AR AR

Socrates said that only God is good, because only God knows the providence of God, and all others are inscrutable ways.   The Lord's.  All other people can either follow the good or not follow it.  The luck of a person is to intuitively feel and guess what is good.

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10.67265.     AR AR

Regarding the feeling of guilt for the mistakes made, I will say this.  Even if I shat myself, it was God's doing and it means everything is going according to plan.

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