4.2354. Atheist is selfish.     AR AR

Theoretically,   it   can   be   said   that   an   atheist   adheres   to   a   monotheistic   belief   in   one   God.   The   only   god   of   an   atheist   is   he   or   any   other   idol   that   he   serves.  

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5.3224.     AR AR

Atheism is the same as religious fanaticism, only worse.

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5.3497.     AR AR

First   atheists   were   Buddhists.   Buddhism   was   the   first   atheist   religion.

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5.3819.     AR AR

A   person   cannot   live   without   faith,   faith   is   power.   The   classic   atheist   is   an   ordinary   idolater   who   believes   in   anything,   starting   with   green   men   and   ending   with,   I'm   afraid   to   guess   what.   Syntalism   offers   a   philosophical   religion   of   the   3rd   Millennium,   ...   a   religion   of   reason,   a   religion   of   beauty.   Syntalism's   cyber   temples   are   temples   of   beauty   and   reason.   Temples-libraries   and   art   galleries.   Syntalism   believes   that   reason   will   save   the   world,   beauty   will   save   the   world,   love   will   save   the   world,   and   science   will   save   the   world.   No   obscurantism,   a   little   mysticism,   but   without   fanaticism.

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7.3904.     AR AR

Atheist  is  the  one  who  doesn’t  understand  the  essence  of  God.  A  person  who  got  to  know  nature  of  God  and  essence  of  religion,  can’t  be  an  atheist.  Ignorance  and  hubris  are  the  causes  of  atheism.  a  person  doesn’t  know  and  doesn’t  want  to  know. 

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7.5918.     AR AR

An atheist is a person who does not need a mediator to communicate with God.

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7.5919. God is reason, lack of reason is tragic.     AR AR

Atheists  deny  god,  but  they  get  under  the  fate,  become  reptilians,  idol-worshiper,  or  pagans. 

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8.4143. The diversity of the species of cockroaches found in nature.     AR AR

Religiosity is a special case of worldview. And the worldview is different... Worldview-is, in fact, a set of basic stereotypes and patterns that a person more or less like and therefore he agrees with them. And atheism is also a worldview, and there are millions of species and subspecies of atheism... A person can easily not believe in God, but believe in pink men or some pseudoscientific nonsense.

The number of cockroaches living in human heads defies any census.

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8.4714.     AR AR

Atheists need God to balance. The harmony of black and white generate the movement of life.

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10.3337. Third option.     AR AR

Syntalism   is   the   third   truth.   You   don't   have   to   choose   a   shit   sandwich   or   an   enema.   You   don't   have   to   be   an   atheist   or   a   sectarian.   You   don't   have   to   be   selfish   or   lose   yourself   in   something.   Don't   get   me   wrong,   if   you   don't   eat   shit,   you   don't   need   an   enema.   You   don't   need   to   choose   both   of   these   options   at   the   same   time.   You   have   the   right   not   to   choose.   Do   not   judge   and   will   not   be   judged.

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10.3486. Soloinc Goals.     AR AR

Goals   should   be   high   and   beautiful.   The   higher   and   more   beautiful,   the   better.   For   example,   I   want   to   create   a   new   religion   called   Syntalism,   which   will   unite   all   the   old   religions,   including   atheists.   A   religion   that   will   unite   all   mankind   and   create   a   single   Confederation   of   the   planet   Earth.   This   is   necessary   in   order   to   save   humanity   from   self-destruction   and   bring   it   to   the   galactic   level,   as   a   single   nation   of   Earthmen.

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10.4726.     AR AR

Atheism is the same religion as any other, the only thing in it more paganism and idolatry.  Atheism is a primitive and ignorant cult of paganism.  One of the primitive forms of religion.

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10.7289. A grain of sand.     AR AR

Syntalism   is   an   atheistic   religious   philosophy   that   pulled   out   of   religion   all   the   useful   things   that   were   there,   but   did   not   take   all   the   useless   things.   Syntalism   agrees   that   there   is   a   God,   but   denies   that   there   is   an   idol   in   him.   Syntalism   is   a   non-idealistic   peer-to-peer   religion   where   God   is   an   ordinary   entity.

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10.28137.     AR AR

God, that is, truth, joy, beauty, happiness, can be reached in many ways.  Choose any religion, philosophy, atheism or science.  But remember, until Pride is humbled, you are as deaf and blind.

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10.35046.     AR AR

Syntalism proposes to create a type of religion where there is no need to create a new religion.  Syntalism is a Supra-religious philosophy whose meaning is to add clarity to already existing religions and philosophies.  Syntalism gives meaning to many things whose meaning was not understood.  One can be a synthalist Christian, a Muslim or a Buddhist.  You can be a synthalist scientist, atheist or artist.  A synthalist can be anything.  The meaning of syntalism is to move from the world of forms to a level where there is no more form, but there is the same perfection of emptiness for all.  Emptiness connects us all.  We are all emptiness.  Everything is emptiness.

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10.35281.     AR AR

God does not live in the church, but in the soul of man.  In the souls of many atheists  There is much more of God than there is among those who come to the church to atone for their sins so that they may joyfully continue to sin.

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10.39401.     AR AR

Syntalism is a very interesting philosophy.  An experienced person, looking at syntalism, will say:  "He's no different  from Christianity."  Another will say:  "He's no different  from Buddhism."  The third will say:  "Syntalism is spiritually one with Mohammedanism."  A fifth would argue that syntalism is inseparable from Hinduism.  The fifth will remember Judaism and Hasidism, and will also find no difference in them.  from syntalism.  Even the militant fanatics of atheism will say that syntalism is pure atheism, science, philosophy and psychology.  Syntalism cannot be divided into idealism and materialism.  Syntalism is a perfect mirror of emptiness.  Syntalism is  Nothing that includes everything.

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10.39775.     AR AR

The meaning of syntalism is to connect the unconnected.  For example, to combine mysticism and religion with science and atheism.

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10.43839. Semiconductor microprocessor philosophy.     AR AR

Syntalism denounces atheism and religious belief because of their fanaticism, firmness, intolerance and sees in it the pride of the material.  A strong desire for solid materiality breeds fear and addiction.  All this breeds fanaticism and aggression.  Syntalism in its ideology seeks to be a living semi-material, combining the material and the immaterial. 

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10.44202.     AR AR

Atheists, drug addicts, arrogant and alcoholics, they also believe in God, but their God is pleasure and joy.  That is, we see a skew and an imbalance.  Christianity offers us the harmony of the Trinity, and the idolater loves one thing.  And if the real God is everything, then idols, exalting themselves, deny everything else.

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