3032. The resignation of a warrior.   AR AR

Resignation  is  fatalism.  “It’s  for  the  best,”  he  thinks,  smiling,  and  takes  a  step  forward.  What  is  for  the  best  fills  the  soul  with  joy.  Joy  kills  dejection.  The  hands  that  were  down  five  minutes  ago  rise  again,  holding  the  sword  tight.  He  is  again  ready  to  go  into  battle.  The  warrior  resigned  to  his  destiny…

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3.590.     AR AR

Expectations are terrible, and you do not wait, you accept any outcome.  Trust God, God is when things are for the best.  But fear is the devil.

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3721. The main art.   AR AR

God loves his children and everything that is not done is done only for the best, but first this best must be found and realized. To benefit from problems and failures is the main art of life.

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4111. Inevitability.     AR AR

If  you're  about  to  face  an  unpleasant  inevitability,  try  to  put  up  with  it  and  rejoice  as  it's  all  for  the  best. 

Joy  and  taking  it  easy  are  like  painkillers.  Besides,  this  way  the  anticipation  of  a  torture  will  seem  nicely  exciting  and  joyfully  perversive  for  you. 

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4.115. Push until you get the best.     AR AR

To all that is not done, done for the better, it is necessary not to stop at the bad, and push until you get the best.

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3.2121. Growth energy.     AR AR

"All for the best" is a metaphor for an energy battery.  When everything is good, you get the energy to develop.  When everything is bad, the energy is turned off, for why should something that does not grow energy?

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3.3227. Insult.     AR AR

The   fall   is   an   act   of   despondency   and   loss   of   faith   in   the   infallibility   of   God.   God   is   everything.   Everything   he   does   is   for   the   best.   The   man   in   his   pride   took   and   called   half   of   God   the   devil.

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4.2000.     AR AR

There are things that are painful to accept, but not to accept them is even more painful. How to benefit from the disaster? Cry, and then say, " It's for the best!»

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4.2012.     AR AR

In fact, you benefit from both what you like and what you don't like. It's for the best, that's what humility means. The art is to realize the benefits of what you don't like

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4.2015.     AR AR

Humility is the faith that governs reality. You believe it's for the best, and it's for the best.

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4.2213.     AR AR

All for the better and only fear prevents us these take advantage of.

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4.2975.     AR AR

For good people God does everything for the better, for bad people – for the worse. Bad people are lying and ignorant people living in the sin of anger and greed, gluttony and lust.

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4.2978.     AR AR

Perceive reality as it is without judging it. Just do what you're doing without asking stupid questions. All for the best, it is certainly a lie, but if using it, you learn from negative favor and joy... the prediction will come true.

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4.2983.     AR AR

They say it's for the best, but the best is the enemy of the good, so I always say, " it's okay, it's okay."

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4.3130. If the past torments you, burn your bridges.     AR AR

If there is something in the past that you regret deeply, consoling yourself that everything is for the best and could not be otherwise. By taking the lesser evil, you have escaped the greater evil. Giving up the temptations of unknown possibilities and pleasures, you escaped the fiery hyena at its worst. By breaking temptation, you have chosen the lesser of evils.

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5.3228.     AR AR

It is more correct to say "all is for the best" and not "all is well", because it is not good to lie.

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5.3300.     AR AR

It's for the best, even the worst.

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5.3305.     AR AR

Optimism is love, love is hope and faith that all will be well and all the bad that surrounds us, for the better, because evil is just a little good... we just need to give it time to Mature.

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5.3306.     AR AR

To stop being afraid of death and life, you have to realize that everything is for the best... For this I recommend you read Candide, Voltaire. Everything in this life is ordinary, especially suffering.

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5.4093. All for the best.     AR AR

We are sorry that circumstances encourage you to consult a psychologist, but we will make every effort and attention to help you correct the situation.

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