10.85.     AR AR

The fall, that is, the knowledge of good and evil, is connected with ignorance.  The inscrutable ways of the Lord means that because man is ignorant, he does not understand what God is doing and why.  In his pride man tries to condemn reality, gets angry, falls into anger and malice.  Ignorance turns people into demons.

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10.86. It's okay.     AR AR

The ways of the Lord are inscrutable and we should accept it.  Humble trust in divine wisdom gives protection from lies and fear.

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3.1448.     AR AR

Arrogance   is   fear.   Resignation   to   Divine   Providence   is   love.   The   arrogant   live   in   eternal   fear   because   they   have   no   love   or   resignation.

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3.2988. God works in mysterious ways     AR AR

The   essence   of   non-violent   resistance   can   be   compared   with   a   commandment   можно   сравнить   «Judge».   As   you   hadn't   judge   you   an't   say   whether   it's   good   or   evil..   Being   against   the   good   is   an   awful   sin.

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4.2014.     AR AR

And   that's   why   they   say,   be   afraid   of   your   desires,   because   the   Lord   works   in   mysterious   ways.   God   will   fulfill   your   desire,   but   he   will   do   it   in   such   a   strange   way   that   the   weak   and   flimsy   natures   will   die   of   horror   and   change   their   desire   along   the   way.   As   a   result,   the   desire   will   disappear   without   being   fulfilled,   replaced   by   another   one.   For   a   wish   to   be   fulfilled,   one   must   maintain   courage,   not   go   astray   and   not   be   afraid.

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4.3767. The divine cycle.     AR AR

God   works   in   mysterious   ways.   Remember,   God   brings   people   to   you,   you   pay   some,   others   pay   you.

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4.4040.     AR AR

The   ways   of   the   Lord   are   inscrutable   means   that   thou   shall   not   judge,   that   thou   shall   not   be   judged.   Judged   by   whom?      God!   Because   you   judge   God,   God   is   reality.

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6.4627.     AR AR

The nine is an image of accumulated rain, when clouds turn into clouds and lightning flash overhead.

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8.2250. Mysterious ways.   AR AR

They often say to you, "it is not right," but this is a lie rather than the truth, for how can they know what benefit you have derived from it, even if you yourself often do not know it.

You do not need to start everything from scratch all the time, the main thing for you is to get into a growth position.  In any place you can grow, the main thing is not to stop.  The bigger you are, the stronger you are,.... the more benefits you are entitled to.

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9.1321.     AR AR

The  point  of  the  Divine  Providence  is  that  when  you  are  knocking  at  doors,  not  everybody  opens  you,  but  you  should  enter  the  door  that  opens  to  you.

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9.2885. A success factor.     AR AR

Providence  works  in  mysterious  ways.  Don't  be  greedy  or  lazy.  Do  as  many  different  things  as  you  can,  even  without  realizing  what  for...  Just  do  them  and  сome  as  it  may.  It  will  take  some  time  and  the  threads  of  your  deeds  will  weave  themselves  into  a  web  and  you'll  catch  good  luck  in  it...

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9.9791. Dejection is a sin.     AR AR

The  point  of  the  divine  providence  is  that  one  should  seek  benefits  in  circumstances  rather  than  suffer  and  moan,  abandoning  oneself  to  dejection.

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9.9826.     AR AR

Religion  is  resignation  to  the  divine  providence.  Having  resigned  to  the  divine  providence,  a  man  gains  the  strength  to  overcome  dejection  and  to  start  seeking  benefit  and  meaning  in  everything  that  happens  to  him.  Having  resigned  to  the  divine  providence,  a  man  recognizes  God’s  laws  and  authority  and  starts  obeying  them,  which  allows  him  to  experience  divine  grace,  luck  and  miracle.

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9.9827. Violation of the law is punishable.     AR AR

Acceptance  of  the  will  of  God  is  acceptance  of  the  laws  of  existence.  One  who  respects  laws  gets  a  carrot  and  one  who  violates  them  gets  a  stick.  Besides,  it  is  impossible  to  violate  the  laws  of  existence.

Resignation  to  the  divine  providence  is  recognition  of  the  laws  of  existence.  Who  observes  these  laws  gets  a  carrot,  and  who  violates  them  gets  a  stick.  Besides,  violating  the  laws  of  existence  is  impossible.

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9.9986.     AR AR

To  love  God  means  to  serve  God.  It  means  to  recognize  God’s  law  and  order.  It  means  to  yield  to  divine  providence.  Yielding  to  divine  providence  means  that  one  should  seek  benefit  and  divine  grace  in  everything  that  happens,  since  whatever  God  does  is  for  the  better.

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10.1770. God the hunter.     AR AR

God works in mysterious ways.  Man cannot understand the Providence of God. 
"What do you mean, fishing?" 
- Goals.  On what he's after, why and in what ways wants to achieve.

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10.1850. Divine Providence.     AR AR

Faith means trust; he who believes trusts.  A believer in God must have complete confidence in God and his divine Providence.  God is humane, his ways are inscrutable and if he does something, then everything is for the best.

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10.2394. Think about how the problem might help the case.     AR AR

The fact that God does everything for the best means that you need to seek in the Providence of God what brings you closer and helps you to serve your mission in life.  In no case does the Providence of God interfere with the service of the mission.

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10.2667.     AR AR

Hope, devoid of humility, it is pride.  Humility is knowing that the ways of the Lord are inscrutable.

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10.3407.     AR AR

Humility in the soul with any outcome allows you to escape from fear.  God works in mysterious ways.  God is an order that has a random number generator built into it, so anything is possible.

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