10.64800. The human larva.     AR AR

There is an opinion that a person is an underdeveloped animal, or rather an immature monkey.  The essence of human mutation is that he stopped maturing, remaining a child.  This explains a lot about human nature, its imperfections and the constant desire to fall into childhood.  The baby monkey and the man are very similar at first, but then the monkey matures further, and the man remains in the same stage.  More  in addition, there are facts indicating that the stage of human development is the embryonic larval stage, that is, it should not even be born yet. 

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Pets are much more dumb than wild animals.  The same can be said about domestic children.  Under the warm parental wing, there are no special motives for the development of the mind.  


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What is the difference between a smart animal and a stupid one?  A stupid animal needs to be kept on a leash, and if you let it go, it will run away, get lost and die somewhere.  Smart animals are more independent, they can be released to the street, and then they will return.  The criteria of people's minds are about the same.


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Smarter  the one who has more problems.  Problems are a great stimulus for brain development.  The mind was created to solve problems.


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The mind is the ability to set a variety of goals and solve them in a variety of ways.  And the mind is capable of the most difficult.  The mind strives to solve many problems simultaneously.


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The norm is something that can live and reproduce.  The norm is something that lives and does not suffer.

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