3096. Firmness of convictions and common sense.   AR AR

Firmness  of  convictions  shouldn’t  give  in  to  opinions  of  the  people  around.  No  majority  or  authorities  will  persuade  me  that  I’m  wrong  when  I’m  right.  The  truth  and  justice  are  the  only  judges  whose  opinion  I  value.

Common  sense  is  above  justice  and  the  truth.  Many  things  are  unjust  and  false,  but  they  have  to  exist,  as  so  is  necessary  and  right.

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4.3859. A man who's always been right.     AR AR

After carefully analyzing all my feelings about the past life, I realized that I personally have always been right in the beginning, but when I listen to someone else's opinion and change my desire, there was a big problem. Exceptions to this rule I could not remember. My problem was that I was too exposed to other people's opinions.

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6.5925.     AR AR

You know, they say a fool is always right, but I'm always right, does that mean I'm a fool? No, to become a real fool, it is not enough to consider yourself eternally right, you also need to consider everyone else wrong. A real fool not only considers himself the smartest, but everyone else is a fool.

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7.1277.     AR AR

As  a  rule,  a  person  who  disagrees  with  everything  is  wrong  in  every  of  his  offers  and  phrases,  as  he  clearly  didn't  bother  to  go  deeper  and  study  works  of  people  who  worked  in  this  sphere  before  him.

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7.1674. Don't Bang your head against the wall.     AR AR

Reality cannot be denied, it is impossible, being angry, to shout " why!!!"You need to think and try to understand exactly where you are wrong and how to deal with it. Reality is the truth, only you can be a lie.

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8.2942.     AR AR

You have to know, whatever you're not absolutely sure about, any second now it could be completely different. You can't even believe yourself and your own eyes.

Moreover, the same thing through different eyes will look completely different... You can see the green Apple, and your neighbor the worm in the pear, and, moreover, both of you will be invariably right, for your worlds exist only in your own heads, and the real world is only reflected in them in a completely arbitrary way.

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8.4048.     AR AR

Honestly, there will be a second chance. There will be a third, and even if it is necessary and thirty-third. But it's not your chances, it's your goal. The more beautiful and amazing she is, the more she has the right to live, and even an armless idiot performer will not be able to prevent her from becoming a reality.

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8.6528. The weather will be clear in places.     AR AR

A man who is sometimes right and sometimes wrong, like a forecaster.

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8.7480.     AR AR

You  say  you  are  right,  and  I`ll  answer  to  you  -  what’s  the  use  in  it,  if  it  changes  nothing.

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8.7594.     AR AR

You  say  you  are  right  and  I’m  not.  I’ll  answer  you: 
-  So  what?    Does  it  change  anything?

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10.4280. Truth is everything.     AR AR

Truth is a big and incomprehensible concept, like the whole real world, so it can only be localized to the Self, Here and Now.

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10.8682. Who to trust?     AR AR

What are you trying to convince me of?  That I'm wrong, that I believe my intuition and reason?  So you want to undermine my self-confidence, my self-esteem?  Want to weaken me and steal my energy?  In principle, this is a normal desire of any person, but you must also realize that this is impossible.  Your efforts are doomed to failure ...and if you lose, you will only undermine your self-esteem, lose your energy, and become weaker.  I believe my intuition.  My intuition is impeccable, divine, and I have never made a mistake in my life.  I was only wrong when I started listening to some people telling me that my intuition was wrong.

Well, who can I trust?  An intuition that was NEVER wrong ...or the outside world, which is always lying?

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10.8748.     AR AR

With a so: I always rights, either see point one.

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10.11477.     AR AR

I always lie because the truth is a lie.  I'm a liar because I want to be honest.

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10.14643.     AR AR

I am the truth, because I am a lie.  The illusions of reason can only produce falsehoods, but truth comes from the denial of falsehoods.  What you were able to refute from my illusions is a lie, what you were unable to refute is the truth.

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10.14841.     AR AR

I give Strength to the one who loves me.  I am Truth and I am Beauty.  Trust me and you will become an angel.

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10.15247.     AR AR

In English, the word "truth "can be expressed in terms of" truth "and"fact".  Thus, we can say that truth, as well as facts, is always an interpretation.  Truth does not exist in human consciousness.  There is only a limit to lying.  The closer a lie gets to the truth, the more it resembles it.  Potentially, any lie is a reflection of the truth.  Potentially, any truth can be called a lie.

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10.16921.     AR AR

Truth is what is here and now for the benefit of the work that is being done and is the main goal.  What doesn't fit the circumstances and goals is a lie.

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10.17571.     AR AR

The question is not what truth is, but how much integrity you will understand the words I will use to describe it.  Truth is as incomprehensible as God, but if I tell you that God is Love, will you understand what God is? 

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10.18197.     AR AR

I see beauty, but you don't.  My heart sings, your heart cries.  I am love and truth, and you are pride and lies.  I am power, and you are nothing.

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