10.36152.     AR AR

Let's be honest.  For many reasons  I'm not going to win the Nobel Prize.  However, I hope for luck.  I hope for luck all my life.  I'm already lucky to live to be 40.  Anything could have happened to me countless times, but I'm still relatively alive.  That's what I call a miracle.

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10.34808.     AR AR

Why would you  The Nobel Prize?  Why?  I need money.  I'd buy a house.  A lot of people have a home, but I don't.  How can an ant live without an anthill?  Of course, while I was chasing the Nobel Prize, I spent a lot more money than this prize.  Lost a lot of houses and could have built a lot of others, but that's not the point.  The point of the game is, it's a matter of principle.  Although they say that money does not smell and it does not matter how to earn it.  I don't agree.  I believe that this is a fundamental question, how exactly to earn money with which to build a house.  A beloved home should be built with money earned by doing what you love.  Love must beget love.  Stupid, of course, but I like stupid things.

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10.34669.     AR AR

In fact, the goal is to get  The Nobel Prize is very positive and beneficial for personal growth.  We know that in order to realize our goal, we must know it and all that concerns it.  The Nobel Prize motivated me to study the books and thoughts of all Nobel laureates.  Then I thought that I needed to strengthen the position, and studied the writers who won the Pulitzer Prize and the Booker Prize.  Then I looked at other international awards.  And before that, I read all the classics and philosophers.  It is difficult to describe what a gigantic amount of joy, beauty and knowledge was revealed to me in the process of all this business.

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10.21333. You drive more quietly, you'll go further.     AR AR

I want to get  A Nobel prize in order to get a position as a Professor at some good University, so that the salary would be enough to support me and my family.  I always do  I wanted to teach, inspire souls, light up hearts.  Of course,  The Nobel prize is not the easiest and most direct path to teaching, but I am not looking for easy ways, I like the process.

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8.1687.     AR AR

One  day  I  arrived  to  Stockholm  and  stayed  at  the  hotel  suite  which  windows  faced  the  building  where  Nobel  prizes  were  awarded.  A  very  symbolic  building  with  a  lighthouse  on  its  roof.  Half  the  night  I  looked  at  its  light  and  thought  about  different  things.  Finally  I  thought:  "How  symbolic  that  it  was  the  inventor  of  dynamite  who  established  that  prizes.  As  everything  this  prize  is  given  for,  resembles  an  explosion,  even  our  Universe  was  formed  after  the  big  bang. 

It  occured  to  me  that  if  I  was  awarded  a  Nobel  prize,  I  would  spend  money  mostly  on  painters  and  a  bit  on  children. 

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7.1024. My plan regarding the meaning of writing "Variothoughts".     AR AR

Min   –   -   get   smarter   yourself   and   evolve   from   zero   to   one.  

Av.   -   pass   on   your   experience   and   wisdom   to   my   children   by   teaching   them   how   to   live.  

Max.   -   Nobel   prize   in   literature?

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6.1787.     AR AR

Reflecting on vanity and greed, I thought that my vain idea of a Nobel prize of one million dollars had already cost me three million dollars and 12 years of life. On the other hand, I now have a dream of serving beauty, truth, and utility ...and by serving them, I have found happiness that is worth more than any money or time. By the way, the Nobel prize, I still couldn't, say, who are you anyway? We don't know you, go away, you vain fool... But I'm not offended, I'm already resigned to reality and used to it.

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5.3842.     AR AR

When   I   was   32   years   old,   I   lay   on   my   couch   at   home   and   thought   about   the   structure   of   life.   It   suddenly   dawned   on   me   that   our   world   is   100%   like   an   artificial   intelligence   system   whose   goal   is   to   create   and   store   information.   My   father   was   passing   by.   I   was   so   taken   aback   by   this   idea   that   I   told   him   vainly   that   I   had   just   come   up   with   an   idea   for   which   I   would   be   awarded   the   Nobel   prize.   My   father   looked   at   me   as   if   I   were   an   idiot   and   went   on.   Since   then,   7   years   have   passed,   I   don't   have   any   Nobel   prize,   but   I   wrote   43   thousand   texts   of   "Variothoughts"   and   even   brightened   up   a   little.  

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10.20470. A man with a stupid dream.     AR AR

Of course, my desire to get  The Nobel prize is pure pride and vanity.  But at the same time it was a great motivator that allowed you to start a long journey, which resulted in true love and created a huge number of wonderful things.  Moreover, this path itself was wonderful and joyful.  Remember the saying about every soldier who had to have a Marshal's baton in his backpack.  It is not a fact that each of us will become a Marshal, but the idea itself has generated a lot of different useful effects.

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10.12081. Humility and freedom.     AR AR

To gain freedom, you need a huge unfulfilled desire.  I want the Nobel prize, and I'll never get it, and that's why I'm a loser.  I should accept that I am a failure, but not give up the goal.  Having been able to move towards my goals without hoping to achieve results, I found freedom.

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10.14273. A bad dream.     AR AR

The Nobel prize itself is a bad dream, because it is an ode to vanity, but if you sublimate the prophet into a useful channel, for example, finding the truth, the root cause, improvement, creating hundreds of books, a cure for neurosis, pride, and a Legion of other diseases...  all this becomes like the truth.  Vice is an energy that needs to be sublimated into a socially useful channel.

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10.20469.     AR AR

Setting a goal to get  The Nobel prize, I didn't limit myself to time.  If it doesn't work in this life, we'll finish it in the next.

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10.20691.     AR AR

I want to  The Nobel prize, and I'll get it!  – And if you don't get it?"  It doesn't matter, I'll still want her!  My resolve will not be broken by any resistance.  Rejection won't make me back down and stop wanting.  Does the water recede from the shore because it doesn't give up?

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10.21219.     AR AR

A properly set goal is a determination to do everything possible and impossible, and then come what may.  I want to  The Nobel prize and, therefore, I am determined to do everything possible from me to become worthy of my goal.

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10.21492. Moral compensation.     AR AR

I've never even been given a certificate of participation in my entire life…  so I want to go right away  The Nobel prize.

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10.21945.     AR AR

I want to  I will not cry if I don't get the Nobel prize... but I will still want and strive to get it.  True hope is always reborn, no matter how much you crucify it on the cross.

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10.22044.     AR AR

To   hell   with   the   Nobel   prize,   I'm   ready   to   wait   for   it,   endlessly   having   some   stable   position   with   a   salary   and   housing   attached   to   it.   Theoretically,   the   book   "Variothoughts"   could   be   written   forever,   given   the   inexhaustibility   of   the   truth,   but   I   am   constantly   plagued   by   financial   and   housing   issues.   Eight   years   of   making   money   out   of   thin   air   by   devoting   all   your   time   to   writing   a   book,   but   is   this   fortune   permanent?

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