2372. The philosophers' stone.     AR AR

Something  is  funny  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  scary  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  surprising  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  interesting  when  it's  unexpected. 
Something  is  effective  when  it's  unexpected. 

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8.     AR AR

I  saw  totally  simple  things 
in  complex  ones... 
And  I  was  surprised  to  learn 
that  anything  complex  contains  many  simple  things... 

Μετάφραση: Muhortova Natalie

Art by Martin Anderson



402.   AR AR

In a surprised way, everything was fine.

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9.8438.     AR AR

The meaning of human life is to surprise God.

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9.8895. Music teacher.     AR AR

Hush... hush ... the Teacher opens the window and we hear him playing the music of the city. The city is his instrument. This is amazing, we could not even imagine that it is possible. A skilled musician can extract music from any instrument, even from silence.

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9.8896.     AR AR

Surprising   things   are   what   we   cannot   even   imagine.

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9.8929.     AR AR

Surprise   is   said   to   last   nine   days.   That’s   the   maximum.   In   practice,   it   can   be   seven   days,   three   days   and   one   day…   Or   even   nine   minutes.

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10.11154.     AR AR


Everyone is waiting for the right moment, and you are looking for the wrong time.  It will be so unexpected that nothing can stop you.


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10.12002.     AR AR

Don't be surprised or offended.  That's life.  There is nothing to be surprised at, nothing to be offended about.

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10.12012.     AR AR

The most valuable gratitude for something not obvious.  The more unique the gratitude, the better.

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10.12479.     AR AR

It is surprisingly beautiful to bring the versatility of a diamond into one.

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10.12981.     AR AR

In a surprising way, very often fools are right.  Smart, respectively, make mistakes no less often.

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10.13544.     AR AR

Try to treat the unknown as the forgotten.  Try to remember what you don't know.  The result will surprise you.

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10.13546.     AR AR

Try to consciously treat illusions and lies as reality and truth.  The result will surprise you.

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10.17566.     AR AR

It's hard to surprise a fool.

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10.17699. Amazing.     AR AR

You can surprise in different ways.  Surprised and delighted.  Surprised and scared.  Admiration is love, fear is distrust and hatred.

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10.17700. Amazing people.     AR AR

Who surprised-the won, ...  another question is, why do you keep winning?  The principle of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" requires a balance.  Give people joy, give them the opportunity to surprise you and be amazing.  Be surprised and people will surprise you.

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