10.20823. BDI! So don't sleep!     AR AR

If you lose your fear, you will relax.  You can't relax, as soon as you relax, you will instantly fall into an ambush.

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10.20824. BDI!     AR AR

A sleeper is someone who has lost fear, but there are also those who have nightmares.  In any case, a sleeper is someone who is blind.  The blind man will lead the blind man, and both will fall into the pit.

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10.3405.     AR AR

To avoid networking, you need to always remain vigilant.

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10.5324. Vigilance.     AR AR

Obviously, to overcome fear, you need not fight it by creating dams and accumulating it, but, on the contrary, increasing the level of fear and vigilance in all directions at once.  Fear is everything.

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10.5549.     AR AR

Easy fear is vigilance and attentiveness.  Strong fear is blinding from bright light.  The absence of fear is closed from the pleasure of the eyes.

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10.8427.     AR AR

Look and listen, but don't let on that you're up to something.  DON't stand out from the crowd.  I'd rather people think you're a harmless fool than a target in a shooting gallery.

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10.9415.     AR AR

Vigilance is the art of love.  The attentive one is like a guide, passing through itself with a flow of energy the thrill of beauty.

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10.9906.     AR AR

There are no important or unimportant battles in war.  If you lose your guard for a second, you will be shot, regardless of the day of the week and time of day.

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10.10719.     AR AR

Restraint, moderation, order, silence, and calmness are essentially the same thing that generates equanimity and clarity in the head.  Clarity is the Foundation of alertness, the source of faith and strength.

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10.11334.     AR AR

A relapse of Paradise lost occurs in three months, in a year, in three years.  You gradually forget that Paradise was an illusion, a disguised hell, and you want to go back to the Maldives.  I recommend that you remain vigilant and remember that temptations are not dormant.

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10.13505.     AR AR

Caution is mindfulness of evil.  If we lose our vigilance, we will easily become victims of temptations, and if we get lost, we will go astray.

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10.15193.     AR AR

Complacency is a situation of losing fear, after which it is the system's duty to frighten you and return the fear.  This is the crux of the painful consequences of complacency.  When you lose fear, you lose the vigilance and attention that is love.  Loss of love is punishable.  Love is an order and a schedule.  All the plans and hopes go right out the window.

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10.15201.     AR AR

If you lose your fear, you lose your vigilance.  Alertness is attention, attention is love.  If you lose love – you will lose all the good things that are connected with love.

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10.19284.     AR AR

Pride is very easy to subdue, you just need to see it.  Important symptoms of pride:  resentment, conflict, self-pity and reflection on the injustice of the world, complacency, deceit and cowardice, thirst  pleasure, dependence on other people's opinions, the demand for love and a good attitude for yourself, jealousy, impatience, slavery to any vices, etc.

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