8.2452. Wizard`s reminder.     AR AR

Magic   is   a   matter   of   common   sense...  
It's   good   to   believe   what's   good...

Magic   exists   as   long   as   you   believe   in   it.   Magic   is   a   matter   of   faith.   As   long   as   you   believe   you're   a   wizard,   you   can   do   magic.   …Too   clever   people   who   question   your   magic   should   be   driven   the   hell   away   and   harshly   ignored.   For   doubt   is   Poison.

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7.2495.     AR AR

Magic staff makes a great impression on others.

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7.2504.     AR AR

Magic is beauty... Magic is the taste…

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7.2688. Real magic.     AR AR

Miracles  are  perseverance  and  patience,  love  and  hope…  Do  not  tell  anyone  about  it.  Tell  them  you  are  a  magician.  People  like  magicians  because  they  can  work  miracles.

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8.7549.     AR AR

Make the perfect moment now, don't wait for it.
Don't wait for the perfect moment, just create it.
Just pretend to be a wizard and pull him out of his hat like a rabbit.

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8.8359.     AR AR

The magic wand is a weapon of colossal power, capable of destroying the whole world. Unlimited desires is there anything more dangerous in this world?

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8.8741. Magic flower.     AR AR

Much is hidden in the flowers - Scorpions and cobras, fish and elephants. To see them, you need to look in a special way.

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9.1103.     AR AR

Thinking   reasonably,   there   is   a   place   for   mystic   in   life.

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9.2686.     AR AR

Some  special  things  can  also  provide  energy.  Not  only  favorite  beautiful  things,  but  also  talismans,  amulets  and  artefacts.  It's  always  useful  to  have  some  portable  source  of  energy  at  home  or  in  the  pocket.

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9.3538. A rule of good taste for wizards.     AR AR

Improve  everything  you  touch.

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10.8396. Magic.     AR AR

The point is that the human Mind is the God of this world.  The mind itself can decide what is beauty (the source of energy), what is faith (the source of power).  The mind can designate anything as its source of infinite energy and power.  The mind can defeat any enemy only by focusing its attention on it and loving its enemy.

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10.9175.     AR AR


The truth is the magic.  The one who knows the truth is capable of a miracle.


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10.9343. Feeling like a witch.     AR AR

Conviction is the belief that everything will be as I want it to be.  The belief that knowledge of the future on an intuitive level.  Witches are saved from fear by ancient magic.

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10.9631. Magic, however.     AR AR

Maximalism turns a fly into an elephant, and pofigism turns an elephant into a fly.

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10.16362.     AR AR

The stronger and more beautiful the fantasy, the more it has the right to live.  The more imaginative a person is, the more he looks like a wizard.

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10.17804. Magic is pride.     AR AR

The idea of pride is the idea of power over an ideal order.  A fool is an ignoramus who makes magical gestures and imagines that it is raining because of him.  On the other hand, intelligent people, having carefully studied reality, can quite successfully predict the weather and use it successfully.

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10.17908.     AR AR

A lover is someone who has seen beauty where everyone else sees nothing.  A lover is a wizard who creates the universe out of nothing.

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10.19892.     AR AR

Too much fear increases the level of mysticism in the body, because it generates suspiciousness and hallucinations... that is, schizophrenia.

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10.20330.     AR AR

When you trust a person, you show them love.  Love is a magic power that turns lies into truth and leads to fruitfulness and growth.

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10.20819.     AR AR

There is no magic in turning water into wine, but there is an Epiphany.  Indeed, the water is wine.  The most valuable thing is the simplest.

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