10.18237.     AR AR

What is the name of someone who, seeing a lover, will not rejoice?  Blind pride!  I call the deaf one whose heart does not sing with the hearts of lovers.

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10.18327.     AR AR

The love that comes from within fills you with warmth and gives you a good mood.  Focus your attention on what you love, and all your sorrows will fade.

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10.19770.     AR AR

If you love me, you will forgive me all my sins and vices.

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10.19893.     AR AR

Nothing is impossible or difficult for a lover.  Love makes the impossible possible.

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10.20082.     AR AR

Looking at the details, you fall in love.

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10.21738.     AR AR

If you have love in you, you have nothing to fear.  God protects you.

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10.21743.     AR AR

Lovers do not notice the clock, because love is time.  Lovers are given an infinite amount of time.  Time is a form of energy.  If lovers take the trouble to convert their endless time into forms of energy like money, they will become rich.

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10.21763. True love.     AR AR

You go more quietly, you will go further, because lovers do not notice the clock and try to slow down time at any cost.  Lovers are involved in the process, they enjoy every second.  Where there is love, there is a miracle of love.

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10.21814. Doomed.     AR AR

Love is the law, anyone who opposes lovers, falls into the sin of pride and inevitably loses.

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10.21842.     AR AR

Ideas should be evaluated in terms of beauty, not criticism.  How to implement an idea is the tenth thing, the very first, whether it is beautiful, whether it is desirable.  If you fall in love, then you will realize it.

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10.21909.     AR AR

Fear is when there is no love.  Fear subjectively slows down time and that's why time is long and boring.  You get scared, lazy, and want to run away.  You're drowning in a swamp of procrastination.  On the other hand, lovers who do not notice the clock.  Subjectively, love speeds up time, and as a result, lovers are happy, fun and not at all boring.  Lovers are energetic and do not get tired, because their path was short, and the path of fear was long.

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10.22003.     AR AR

A lover is someone who has faith.

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10.22074.     AR AR

Limitation is an act of humility, which means love.  Respect for borders is love.  Faith is the edge of love.  Thus, for those who respect borders, it is possible to move through them.

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10.22167.     AR AR

By quelling your pride, you gain the power of love.

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