10.1714.     AR AR

Mind sees not only the reflection of the real objective world, but the inner subjective world is also a reflection.  His mind was stuck in the darkness between two mirror illusions.

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10.2988.     AR AR

Truth is the correspondence of the subjective image and the objective reality.

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10.3318.     AR AR

There is only objective chance, there is no subjective chance.  There is no random number generator in the human mind.  Man is not capable of random behavior.

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10.4282.     AR AR

According to my subjective feelings everywhere everything is about the same, in the sense that it is all good in different ways.

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10.4697.     AR AR

By avoiding fear, immunity to fear is reduced and the threshold for fear is reduced.  There is a subjective feeling that fear is growing.  To avoid this, you should be hardened.

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10.5327.     AR AR

Fear inspires, and love inspires, but love is subjectively pleasanter.

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10.6367.     AR AR

The carrot and stick in life are the same, but there is a nuance.  We quickly get used to pleasures and there are always few of them, but we run from pain and are afraid of it.  As a result, subjectively, the bad turns out to be three times more than the good.

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10.7218.     AR AR

I have noticed that fear is mostly subjective and internal, with little correlation with reality.

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10.11086.     AR AR

Pleasure is too much suffering and nothing more.  Too much pleasure creates too much suffering.  Subjectively, there is always little pleasure, and there is always a lot of suffering.

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10.11459. Everything Can be...     AR AR

Beauty is a subjective thing, some people think one thing is beautiful, others think another...  We love beauty, ...  love turns lies into truth ...  whatever we like, we believe to be true.

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10.13206.     AR AR

The priceless is uncertainty.  Priceless things can be expensive or cheap.  Expensive and cheap is subjectivity.  Expensive and cheap are equally happy, but for different reasons.

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