Η ψυχολογία της γυναίκας.

Για γυναίκες. Η ψυχολογία της γυναίκας από το εσωτερικό και το εξωτερικό.






8.575.     AR AR

It's  better  for  a  man  not  to  know  what  a  woman  may  think  about.  Just  not  to  know.  What  you  don't  know  can't  hurt  you.

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3.259.     AR AR

A man should behave with a woman honestly and courageously, otherwise, she will fall into fear of uncertainty and turn into a witch.  Lies and uncertainty create fear in women.

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1894.     AR AR

Women  commit  considerably  fewer  crimes  than  men  do. 
And  it  certainly  makes  them  more  morally  upstanding. 
What  makes  them  amoral  is  the  fact  that  the  reasons  of  most  male  crimes  are  usually  women. 

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3.261. Sad woman.     AR AR

The man is very dangerous to lie to a woman, for faith is love, losing faith, the woman turns into the devil.

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4239.     AR AR

A  woman  is  the  main  engine  for  evolution... 
It's  their  task  to  choose  best  men  for  propagation,  namely  the  ones  who  possess  novelty  and  perfection.  She  who  chooses  the  right  man  as  the  father  for  her  children,  will  be  loved  by  destiny. 

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1588.     AR AR

Forgive  women  their  little  sins.  At  least  15  days  per  month  they  are  ruled  by  hormones.  And  hormones  are  an  awful  thing.  It  means  irritation,  conflicts,  mood  swings,  getting  offended  and  crying  etc. 
But  other  15  days  it  means  being  another  person-  a  kind,  soft  and  happy  one. 

Μετάφραση: Muhortova Natalie


9.4024. A whole.     AR AR

The  point  of  the  metaphor  of  God’s  creation  of  Eve  from  Adam’s  rib  is  that  the  husband  should  love  his  wife  as  he  loves  himself  and  that  she  is  the  closest  person  to  him.  The  wife  is  the  one  next  to  the  heart.

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2023.   AR AR

Neither  a  man  nor  a  woman  who  should  set  a  high  value  on  promises  and  vows  given  by  a  woman.  It's  all  because  a  woman  is  responsible  not  only  for  herself  but  also  for  her  children  and  children  are  a  sacred  thing.  And  no  vows  should  influence  their  comfort.  That's  why  a  person  who  demands  silly  promises  from  a  woman,  commits  a  sin  and  will  be  punished  for  it.

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8.1306.1.     AR AR

A  woman  needs  a  man  who  would  be  able  to  make  her  fears  disappear. 

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10.6957. Love me black.     AR AR

Call a woman a vile monster... she will be outraged at first, and then she will even be pleased.  A woman likes to be a monster.  A man is one who is monstrous on the outside, a woman is one who is monstrous on the inside.

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2800. A demon and his witch.     AR AR

A  woman  should  be  a  bit  like  a  witch.  She  should  find  her  Fiend  and  ride  him.  Don't  worry  as  all  women  can  do  it...  And  so  do  you. 

Μετάφραση: Muhortova Natalie


10.6955.     AR AR

Women divide themselves into cats and chickens.  Women are flattered when they are called cats.  Women are flattered when they are considered evil, vile monsters.

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4315. The source of pain.     AR AR

A  strong  independent  woman  refuses  to  recognize  any  authority  and  control  over  her.  But  it's  very  difficult  to  find  a  stronger  man  who  could  be  able  to  tame  her.  Loneliness  makes  this  woman  unhappy.  Strength  brings  pain.  Strength  is  the  source  of  pain. 

Μετάφραση: Muhortova Natalie


10.6970. Taming a wild Mare.     AR AR

Don't be afraid to tease a woman, of course, she will be angry and throw herself at you, but if you defeat her, she will automatically fall in love with you.

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10.5529.     AR AR

To bow before women and children is not necessary, it is enough just to love them.

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4.853.     AR AR

They say Venus is a symbol of women, if so, then you can easily understand what kind of hell is going on in women's souls: methane atmosphere, acid rain.

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9.3841. In the beginning everybody was propagating by germination.     AR AR

Who   was   the   first   -   man   or   woman?   Egg   or   hen?  

Μετάφραση: Sodmis


5.105.     AR AR

The Princess and the sex of the Kingdom in addition is a symbol of love.  A man who has found his love will find his Kingdom.

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5.611.     AR AR

A woman is looking for a man who could help her escape from herself.

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5.732.     AR AR

The maternal instinct makes a woman automatically love everything beautiful, growing and fruitful.

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6.197.     AR AR

To meet and start a relationship with a girl, you should think about what kind of man she wants and let her know that you are... Think of the feminine male ideal, and become it.

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6.305. Hero feat.     AR AR

A woman's " No "is a" Yes " for the reason that women often tell a man the opposite of what they want to provoke in him the desire to prove the opposite. Women are afraid of their desires and are looking for a hero who can overcome their fears. Or they just know that men all like to do the opposite.

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7.270.     AR AR

Muse this is the woman who inspires his admiration of the hero of the exploits.

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7.271.     AR AR

Too clever women are poorly suited to the role of the Muse, because it is seriously something to admire, and consequently to encourage they do not know.

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7.653. Is it me, or have you lost weight?     AR AR

If you do not know what to say to a woman, with surprise note how she lost weight and looks great.

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7.678. An intelligent woman.     AR AR

The  greatest  compliment  to  a  woman  is  praising  her  intelligence.

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7.885. Source of faith.     AR AR

The weakness of women in uncertainty, so they are very fond of confident men who can and know what they want. A woman needs a man who can compensate for a woman's insecurities.

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7.896. Mutually beneficial people.     AR AR

A man needs a woman to admire him and thus inspire him. A man is useful to a woman in that he allows her to overcome her fears and insecurities, which gives peace and inspires happiness.

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7.960.     AR AR

A woman draws energy from nature, a man-from a woman... Therefore, the better you organize the rest of your woman, the more it will bring you income.

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