10.20778. Fire, water, and copper pipes.     AR AR

To spite everything, I look to the future with hope.  I don't know how yet, but we will win.  I see a wall of flames ahead and boldly go into the fire.  If we burn, well, that's fate.  However, I'm not going to burn.  Hope is a symbol of the burning Bush, which does not burn in the fire and does not sink in the water.

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10.16701.     AR AR

The mysteries of Hermes teach us what faith means.  The test of fire is faith, the realization of what is expected.  The moth flies fearlessly towards the fire, flies to death, flies to a dead end, but knows that by showing care, it will be saved, and at the last second everything will be fine.  The test of water is faith, as the certainty of the unseen.  You dive into the black, opaque water and swim through the tunnel, hoping that there is a passage there and you will not drown.

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10.15729.     AR AR

The fire is not lit and the fire is not sinking it is about those who are not afraid of order and chaos, truth and falsehood, reality and illusion.

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10.21343.     AR AR

Don't be afraid of future fears.  Fear of speaking in front of the dead end and fire.  But that will be in seven days, and today you can still move and grow…  Go straight into the fire, but look carefully around, somewhere on the side there will be a detour.

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10.21829. Fire, water, and copper pipes.     AR AR

Don't believe, don't be afraid, don't ask.  Don't trust the fire.  Don't be afraid of water.  Don't ask for copper pipes.  Copper pipes it is necessary to preserve the impartiality and restraint.  Copper pipes are the temptation of pleasure, vanity, power, wealth, lust, etc.

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4.847.     AR AR

The test of copper pipes is the test of lust and women. The test of water is a step into the abyss, diving into a dark pool with his head. The test of fire is living in fire and knowing that there is another way. But before that there was still a test of fear of height and depth.

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