4.1024.   AR AR

Syntalism   is   a   philosophy   that   is   deeply   disappointed   in   illusions   and   reality,   having   found   salvation   in   their   unity.

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2262. About being disappointed in people.   AR AR

He  who  is  disappointed  in  himself,  is  generally  disappointed  in  everything. 

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2812. Objective reality.   AR AR

A  person  who  chronically  disagrees  with  the  truth,  becomes  chronically  disappointed. 

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3390. Disappointment is the child of illusion…   AR AR

Disappointment is the product of illusions…

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3.400.   AR AR

In difficult times, one should rise above pain and disappointment.  Hope will lift you above the earthly.

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3431. The Devil loves cynics with his specially cynical love.   AR AR

Cynicism  is  kind  of  a  state  of  being  disappointed  in  life.  And  disappointment  is  a  sin  of  forlornness.  The  Devil  likes  cynical  sinners. 

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4.158.   AR AR

Man cannot be worse than he is, because it is impossible to be worse than he is. Your disappointment or fascination with people speaks to your stupidity, you know nothing about people or yourself.

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7.254.   AR AR

Disappointments are useful, they allow, disappointed in the superfluous, to concentrate on their more important Affairs.

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7.729.   AR AR

No need to avoid disappointment, they harden and make you stronger.

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8.524.   AR AR

Disappointment is often associated with charm. You first create idols for yourself, and then you realize that your idols are no better than their Creator.

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9.527.   AR AR

Disappointment and despondency are almost the same. You don't want to try it anymore? Weak, surrendered?

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3.1804. When the rider is a fool.   AR AR

Frustration is the fear of losing again.  Frustration is cowardice.  Man is afraid of pain...  "Again I will hurt you" - going through his subconscious.  "I'd better not do anything,"thinks the horse," and that will save me from another disappointment."

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4.2731. High art dreams.   AR AR

A person who does not know how to dream is doomed to disappointment, failure, suffering and disease.

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4.3033.   AR AR

The most expensive property is castles in the air, because they cost an awful lot of time and bring a lot of frustration and fear.

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4.3067.   AR AR

The more people relax and have fun, the more he is disappointed in life. The meaninglessness of life is excruciating, trying to find solace in entertainment, a person plunges deeper and deeper into the quagmire of depression.

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