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3.1121.   AR AR

All human vices are all facets of one.  Vices are different, but all masks, because any defect is reborn and gives rise to any other Vice.  You can not say that among them there is someone in charge, they are simultaneous.  The same goes for virtues.

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4.2432. Salt in the wound.   AR AR

The   problem   with   sinners   is   that   they   seek   consolation   and   comfort.   At   first,   comfort   seems   to   bring   joy   to   them   but,   by   contrast,   their   sufferings   increase.

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4.10.   AR AR

Offended the man that God is very offended God...  Very.  A person offended by God is a great sinner, who not only offended God, but offended and did not apologize, offended and did not repent.  And he did it more than once and not twice ...a lot ...many times ...until God finally stood up and cursed him and all his offspring seven generations ahead.

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192.   AR AR

Lately  it's  in  vogue  to  admit  one's  sins... 
instead  of  struggling  against  them... 

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5.31.   AR AR

Do you want to be attached to vices – for God's sake, but do not forget that for sins you need to pay dearly.  To do what you want to have to do what you do not want to work out their desires. 

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6.17.   AR AR

The   essence   of   vices   and   sins   is   to   make   a   person   run   along   the   circle   of   his   vices,   grow   weak,   fall   and   resign   himself   to   reality,   thus   overcoming   his   arrogance.   Where,   having   resigned   himself   to   reality,   the   person   falls   on   the   ground,   the   grain   of   his   soul   will   germinate   and,   finally,   that   person   will   start   doing   what   he   had   to   do   from   the   very   beginning,   i.e.,   start   growing.

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6.23.   AR AR

We sympathize with the wicked as children; every Vice has a seed of Holiness.  Holiness is as strong apricot seed surrounded by sweet flesh of sin.

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7.57. A man in whom one can have faith.   AR AR

A  reliable  man  is  a  man  whom  one  can  trust  and  in  whom  one  can  have  faith  –  it’s  a  good  man.  Those  in  whom  one  cannot  have  faith  are  bad  and  we  call  them  sinners.

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1623.   AR AR

If it were not for the sins that pull to the earth, people would fly - like angels.

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2092.   AR AR

Good  people  also  commit  sins  and  errors  -  it's  necessary  for  the  balance. 

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2098. The little man is full of great sins.   AR AR

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2136.   AR AR

As  a  sinner,  you  should  know  that  you'll  be  tortured  and  even  death  won't  save  you. 

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2137.   AR AR

There  are  many  sins  that  one  will  be  cursed  by  a  long  tormenting  life  for. 

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4.5.   AR AR

The remorse associated with fear turns a person into a sadomasochist, who is very pleased with his own suffering.  Suffering, such as if a person atones for their sins and it reduces the pain that causes him a conscience and guilt.

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4.6.   AR AR

A sinner cannot be delivered from suffering.  If a sinner is delivered from the suffering with which he atones for his sins, this man will go mad with fear.

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