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You pray on your fear, so it grows.  Why did you create an idol out of your fear?  Why do you offer sacrifices to him?

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The main cure for fear is attentiveness to what is happening around.

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It is not pain that must be conquered, but the fear of pain, and pain must be accepted.  Resignation to pain is victory over fear.

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He who has Tao has no fear.  Tao is the universal cure for fear.

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To love yourself is to believe in your future.  When you believe in your future, you are not afraid of anything.

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Support in the person of his problems and fears, speak, they are useful, and it should be.  Only by supporting the fear and the problem can you get rid of it.

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The higher the overall level of fear, the smaller each individual fear.

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10.5400. Fear of God and love of God.   AR AR

Treat the whole world as a sacred temple, because God is everything.

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If you increase the fear, you lower it, because you lower the sensitivity of the alarm sensors.

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Hope should immediately on all.  It kills cognitive fear.

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Fear comes from not knowing the world.  Knowledge of the world fear kills and the world becomes beautiful.

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You can't run from fear.  Escape from fear kills immunity to fear, which is subjectively expressed in its growth.  Fear must be destroyed by logic and truth, because fear is a lie.  The real fear is not scary at all and quite safe.

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The hippocampus is responsible for both learning and remembering, as well as inhibits the increase in glucocorticosteroids related to stress and fear.  The point is that when you're busy learning, fear is suppressed at the same time.  In the moment when you cease to understand the world, fear will eat you...

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10.5106. Cannon and sparrows.   AR AR

The physiological response to stress (fear) is always the same.  Body there is no special difference, bit off you hand or was called an idiot.  The medicine from stress very a strong, to shoot from him on sparrows very costly.  Save your energy from insignificant stimuli.

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To kill the fear, find in favor of it.  We love use.  Love kills fear.

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Fear avoidance, fear increases and decreases the threshold of fear activation.  I mean, the more you avoid something, the closer it gets to you.

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The easiest way to calm your emotions and overcome your fear is to focus on swallowing your saliva, soaking your throat.

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Excitement is a great cure for fear.

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