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3.880.     AR AR

To be, to do, and to have are connected, but connected flexibly, that is, by the laws of probability.  There is no one hundred percent coupling, and there is something like 32% to 68%.

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3.2357. Take the accent off"have."     AR AR

Frustration is associated with the transfer of attention from the process to the result.  To get rid of frustration, you should shift the balance point to the level of the Golden section in the triangle "to be, to do, to have".

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4.3743.     AR AR

Love   is   the   trinity   of   being,   having   and   doing.

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4.2586.     AR AR

To be is a virtue, but not to be is also a virtue. To be joyful, but not to be joyful either. Being and non-being are one and the same.

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4.3745.     AR AR

A   three-legged   chair   is   “having”,   “being”   and   “doing”.   All   of   this   should   be   done   beautifully:   beauty   is   central   in   this.

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4.4436.     AR AR

Harmony   is   the   unity   of   being,   doing,   having   and   their   common   goal.

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10.6458.     AR AR

Idealists believe either that they alone must own their love, and this is called jealousy, or that all must love what they love.

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7.102.     AR AR

Zero   the   intangible,   the   unit   of   material,   running   in   a   wheel   squirrel   intangible,   she   spins   the   wheel   of   his   illusions.

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4.4275. Desire for perfection.     AR AR

Desires based on personal interests are a symptom of ARL. Real desires should come not from" have", but from" be", for example, to be a good specialist, a parent, to do their job well. 

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7.99.     AR AR

It is very important to Be one, because as long as you are zero, whatever you do, nothing will happen.  Zero is immaterial illusion, like a squirrel, you can endlessly running in its wheel without any benefit.  The book you hold in your hands will help you to materialize and become a unit.

Be this means materialize, then your thought can change the real world, and you will have access to the energy and resources of the outside world.  Sound philosophy will allow you to become a successful, happy person and get access to money.

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7.98.     AR AR

To Have, to BE and to DO.  To be is to become one from zero and to become whole.  After that, you need to choose a goal and start doing it.  To achieve the goal is to create the whole.

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7.96.     AR AR

To HAVE to DO, but to do that, you first have to BE.  To be it means to find wholeness, to find common philosophy, to make his monster (IT's) mind.

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7.3.     AR AR

Be-Do-Have.  First BE, then ACT, then you will HAVE.

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