10.5561. Fear is a mortal sin.     AR AR

Fear is the sin of despondency.  Lack of faith breeds fear.

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10.2216.     AR AR

What is boredom?  The deadly sin of despondency.  Source of disease and suffering.  Boredom is deadly.

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9.9315. A wormy and rotten apple.     AR AR

The  difference  between  dejection  and  arrogance  is  that  arrogance  is  a  wormy  apple  eaten  by  the  worm  of  the  sin,  and  dejection  is  a  rotten  apple.

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10.5675.     AR AR

The fact that man has no meaning in life suggests that we are looking at a man stricken with the mortal sin of despondency and pride, lack of love and hope.

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10.6892.     AR AR

Boredom is a terrible thing...  In fact, this is the sin of despondency.  After all, a person does not love anything and, therefore, he has nothing to do and is bored.

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10.4713. Memories from Paradise.     AR AR

The first thousand years in Paradise will be poisoned by the panic fear that this bliss may someday end.  The next thousand years, when pleasure gets boring, will be just dull, and then your eternity will turn into hell.

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10.3713.     AR AR

Sin this when in man there is no God, i.e. there is no souls, i.e. there is no love.  In the absence of love is very dull and boring, emptiness unbearably want to fill with something external, such as vices and pleasures.  However, this only increases the contrast of suffering and turns a person into a drug addict.

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10.3600.     AR AR

What is sadness?  Depression?

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10.2827.     AR AR

Too much creates fear, a source of laziness and despondency.  To avoid busting, you should be smooth.

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7.1443.     AR AR

Beauty inspires. If you are depressed, it will be useful to walk around the city center, visit museums and exhibitions. Buy yourself something beautiful and unique.

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7.2004.     AR AR

Faith is the result of action and movement, having lost movement, a person loses faith, turning into despondency.

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8.6840.     AR AR

Despondency  is  a  sign  of  loss  of  meaning, 

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8.6880.     AR AR

Despondency is a sign that a person is not doing anything useful.

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9.1353.     AR AR

Not  being  disheartened  and  keeping  up  when  everything  goes  wrong  is  the  only  chance  to  survive.

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9.7796. Sarcasm and cynicism are one of the masks of dejection.     AR AR

Dejection  and  depression  are  the  loss  of  Faith,  which  is  a  Sin.  You  will  recognize  a  sinner  by  his  dejected  eyes  and  ears.

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9.9307.     AR AR

Dejection  is  refusing  hope  of  accomplishing  your  mission.  He  who  refused  to  accomplish  his  mission,  is  deprived  of  the  energy,  which  condemns  him  to  decay.

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9.9310. A man who has lost hope.     AR AR

Dejection  deprives  man  of  energy  and  takes  his  strength  away.  Man  without  strength  becomes  catastrophically  lazy,  fearful,  stupid  and  dishonest.

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9.9314. Wormy and rotten people.     AR AR

Arrogance  is  the  worm  eating  the  righteous  and  dejection  is  the  rottenness  eating  the  sinners.

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9.9320.     AR AR

To give up is to lose hope. The loss of hope is discouragement, and therefore a mortal sin.

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10.1149. Love and not love.     AR AR

Love is creation.  The love of food is the sin of gluttony.  Love sex - the sin of lust.  Loving your fantasies is the sin of lying.  The love of pleasure is addiction and despondency.

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10.1355.     AR AR

Depression is despondency, hence sin.

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10.2135.     AR AR

Addiction is a sin of despondency.  When there is no love and faith in a person, he is seized with boredom and laziness, and he quickly becomes an easy victim of any pleasure and entertainment.

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10.2705.     AR AR

The meaning of life is the motivation to live.  In the absence of the meaning of life the person is immersed in depression and apathy.

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10.5569.     AR AR

Vices are very expensive and painful pleasure.  For vices need to pay time and health...  It is good when your Vice is avarice, and if your Vice is despondency?  Okay, dead end...  sit on ears in poverty without rights clemency.

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10.5575.     AR AR

What is the difficulty?  This is what hinders growth.  You can't grow without facing challenges.  And growth is the pursuit of perfection, that is, the most important purpose and meaning of human life.  That is, if a person has no difficulties, we can suspect him of the sin of despondency and pride, which in themselves is the source of suffering and difficulties.

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10.5583.     AR AR

Sinners say, " Life is meaningless.  I'm a maggot, and I live in manure...  it was fate."..  And we tell him, fate is not to blame, the sin of ignorance and despondency are to blame.  Two deadly sins, for which a person is sentenced to life in hell.  Get rid of sin and get rid of hell.

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10.5587.     AR AR

Love is the unity of hope and movement.  Despondency is when there is not even hope.

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10.4981. Dull brainiac.     AR AR

The feeling that I know everything and know how, rather bad than good.  Man is a hero, he needs feats and accomplishments.  When all know, to live it is no fun and lazily.

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10.5005.     AR AR

Procrastination is a sign that a person has no important things to do, he fell into the sin of despondency and loves nothing.  Basically, it's just depression.

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10.5576.     AR AR

Boredom is the second name for the sin of gloom and pride.  The absence of problems breeds drug addiction and boredom.

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10.5635.     AR AR

Not interested?  Don't want to read and learn?  It is all ignorance, the mortal sin of despondency.  How are your impressions of life in hell?

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10.5679.     AR AR

The rich suffer greatly.  Most rich people live worse than shit in the toilet.  What can you do?  The sin of pride and despondency condemns them to ignorance and savage suffering.  You need to work on yourself.

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10.5725.     AR AR

The main task of a Christian psychotherapist is to help a person overcome pride and find humility.  Pride is the source of fear.  Fear breeds anger, vices, despondency and laziness.  Humility is the cure for pride.

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10.5847.     AR AR

What is cowardice?  The mortal sin of despondency? 
"That explains why cowards burn in hell."

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10.5903.     AR AR

One should distinguish between apathy and humility.  Humility is courage and strength.  Apathy is the despondency associated with the loss of faith in yourself.  One hates the outside world, but because there is nothing one can do, one becomes apathetic and begins to ignore it.

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10.5967. Perishable and doubtful love.     AR AR

The main vulnerability of idolaters is that their idols are unstable and do not live long.  The idolaters themselves kill their idols and fall out of love with them.  Having lost their love, idealists cry, falling into depression and despondency.

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6.4147.     AR AR

Distrust yourself and loved ones is the sin of despair, the cause of many sufferings.

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7.1247.     AR AR

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