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3.669.     AR AR

First, you're not late for anything, and second, even if you're late, it's okay, so it's not yours.  The rush is pride.  Humility is a measured and inevitable movement towards the goal.

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4.2964.     AR AR

All human suffering comes from two causes: one called haste, and the second – slowness. The hurry is greed, sluggishness greed.

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4.3164.     AR AR

Haste is needed only when catching fleas. This means that haste can be useful only in matters small and momentary, and in matters large and important haste will be harmful.

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5.1817.     AR AR

Hurry, this is what breeds a lie. The brain tries to quickly build a picture of the surrounding reality, and this generates optical illusions. See not what there is, and what want and or fear. Look closely and you will destroy the illusion created by haste.

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7.1480. A fine for the rush.     AR AR

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7.1579.     AR AR

Time  is  necessary  for  a  fruit  to  mellow...  Impatience  is  like  stupidity.

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7.2219.     AR AR

Those who are too hasty are too wasteful of time. Wasting too much time on unnecessary, they are forced to catch up and hurry.

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7.2258.     AR AR

The reason for most of your failures is haste... You're too impatient, you little perseverance, it makes you greedy, greed has a lot to pay.

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3659. An abyss.     AR AR

It's  not  always  necessary  to  be  in  a  slow  hurry.  Sometimes  it's  rational  to  make  off  as  fast  as  you  can  and  leap  over  an  abyss. 

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3.1031.     AR AR

Patience and perseverance-a sign of love.  False lovers from impatience fall into anger, because they do not love, but drug addiction and thirst for pleasure.  Deny them pleasure and they will perish in anger.

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4192. The most impatient wait the longest.   AR AR

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4.244.     AR AR

No need for the tree to hurry to bear fruit. It is extremely difficult to grow and bear fruit at the same time. Before starting to bear fruit, you'll end up a dwarf.

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3.681.     AR AR

To succeed, you must combine the incompatible, haste and slowness.  You don't have to hurry, but you don't have to stop.  You have to move slowly, move inexorably and frighteningly fast.  Nothing should stop you from moving.  It is said, "do not go astray", you can eat and pray on the road.

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265.1.   AR AR

My patience is endless because I'm not waiting for anything.

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3.819.     AR AR

The paradox is that you can't hurry, but you can't delay either.  The solution to the paradox is to move slowly and constantly.  However, to catch the target, the last mile will have to jerk.

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3.901.     AR AR

A   hamster   is   running   in   a   circle   in   order   to   check   every   detail.   Only   one   detail   can   be   checked   in   one   turn.   There   are   many   details   and   running   can   take   a   lot   of   time.   However,   an   impatient   hamster   runs   longest   because   it   tries   to   embrace   several   details   in   one   turn.   This   is   impossible,   so   the   stupidest   hamster   runs   infinitely   in   its   wheel.

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4.102. Grow as high and long.     AR AR

There is no need to hurry in fruitfulness. While you learn, you grow like a tree trunk up. It is better to grow taller, and then go horizontal branches. Hurrying, you risk and remain a Bush or dwarf Apple tree.

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4.104.     AR AR

It   is   wrong   to   speed   up   time   –   time   should   be   slowed   down.   The   slower   time   passes,   the   better.   What’s   more,   do   not   wait   for   anything   and   do   not   wish   that   time   speed   up,   God   forbid!   No,   the   later   something   happens,   the   better.

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4.146.     AR AR

You're always late because you're in a hurry. One who has understood life is in no hurry. The farther and more your goal, the slower you need to go. A jerk will be required at the end. The closer and smaller the target, the faster you should act.

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4.272.     AR AR

Love is when you don't want to rush things.

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