10.65095. The mission of reason.     AR AR

Nature created intelligence in order to carry life beyond planet Earth into space.  Intelligent life forms are able to bring life to the galaxy by spreading it to other planets.  The resources of the mind, such as science and technology, are designed to serve the nature of life.  The very nature of life is a virus.  Life should spread out and take over all available free space.  Initially, life is limited to the planet Earth, but the mission of mankind is to carry the fire of life to the vastness of space. 

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Art by Atatanah (Ruslan Shaumetov)



8.1740.     AR AR

Technology   and   science   development   is   the   only   way   for   mankind   to   survive.   Only   new   goals   associated   with   colonization   of   other   planets   will   save   human   civilization,   otherwise   it   will   simply   perish   in   one   of   the   virtual   worlds   or   will   die   in   wars   generated   by   boredom   or   lack   of   resources.

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10.46506.     AR AR

Mind was created by the nature of life (God)  as a life form capable of spreading life beyond planet Earth into space.  This is the mission of the mind-to bring life to the universe.

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10.70645.     AR AR

The philosophy of syntalism believes that the meaning of the existence of mankind is to spread life outside the planet Earth.  It is for this purpose that nature created the mind.  Galactica Corporation's mission is to carry the seed of life into space.  To achieve this goal, we need cheap energy and Technology, respectively, these are the Tuesday goals of the corporation. 

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10.72911.     AR AR

Colonization of the moon can save humanity from unforeseen catastrophes.  For example, if an accidental disruption of the Earth's magnetic field suddenly occurs and life on planet Earth is destroyed, then it will be able to survive in protected lunar cities.

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10.75463.     AR AR

The meaning of human civilization is to bring the light of life to the expanses of space.  The meaning of the mind is to give life to other planets.  Life is joyful.  There is humanity, compassion and joy in this.

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10.75854.     AR AR

Colonization of the moon will teach us to appreciate everything whose enormous value we have not noticed before.  Air, water, plants, any food, etc.

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10.77595. Forces of mutual repulsion.     AR AR

Earlier  I said that in order to colonize space, humanity must unite.  This is true on the one hand, but there is another truth.  The universe came into being as a result of an explosion.  We humans hate each other.  Man is an enemy to man.  Some become idols, others become idolaters.  Idols and idolaters are eager to devour each other.  In this sense, mutual hatred and intolerance will allow us, starting from each other, to colonize the infinite cosmos in different directions in the hope of never colliding with our neighbor again.

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10.46999.     AR AR

The symbol of syntalism is the moon, so before colonization  Mars has  it makes sense to colonize the Moon and asteroids to develop the appropriate technological base.

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10.65852.     AR AR

In terms of colonization of near space, syntalism identifies three goals.  The moon, Mars and Europa.

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10.70700. Luna Park.     AR AR

The primary mission of Galactica Corporation in space exploration is the most modest of all possible.  Our goal:  colonization of the Moon and mining on it, starting with  from helium-3 onwards.  It is planned to develop tourism on the moon, as well as create an energy and production cluster for mining and processing asteroids.  Everything is very modest.  We want to build a Moon Park and spread life to our nearest satellite.

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10.70865. The future has begun.     AR AR

Syntalism is a philosophy necessary to help a small person take a small step to a new stage of evolutionary development.  One small step of man is one huge step of humanity.  Step through the abyss of space to bring life to the other stars of our galaxy.

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10.76106.     AR AR

The meaning of Syntalism:  to build a galactic empire based on the confederation of planet Earth.  Syntalism wants to unite the planet Earth first in order to colonize the cosmos with a single effort.  After that, each member of the confederation, that is, each country or people of the Earth, will receive their own new star system.  Together we will colonize the planets, and then each nation will get its own planet.  Further, the union may disintegrate, but by that time the galactic civilization will have already been created, and it will be possible to decide on the spot what to do next.  The universe is infinitely vast, and it is possible to potentially bring life into the universe indefinitely.  The purpose of Syntalism:  to bring humanity into the era of galactic empires and federations, that is, to the beginning of those events that are described in such sources as "Star Wars", "Dune", "Avengers", etc.

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10.76250. Galactica Corporation.     AR AR

Syntalism proposes to unite the world or part of it in order to enter the era of space colonization through the joint efforts of all mankind.  The point is to expand the living space of humanity and bring life into space.  Syntalism proposes the creation of a confederation of states and peoples of the planet Earth in order to terraform uninhabited planets and develop life on them.  The primary model of the association takes place on the principle of a corporation, where each member of the corporation has a share in the property  Corporations.  The mission of the Corporation is the colonization and exploration of uninhabited planets.  Subsequently, each state or people, the owners of shares  Galactica Corporation will be able to exchange its shares for its own planet.  The point is to settle the peoples of the Earth so that each nation or group of people united by a common ideology can have its own planet.  Syntalism offers to connect at the initial stage in order to disconnect later.  Now we all live in one common communal apartment called planet Earth, and this is good, but it will be even better if everyone has their own planet in addition to what they have.

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10.65571. The Lunar Noah's Ark.     AR AR

Ancient prophets predict an era of cataclysms and catastrophes that can sweep human civilization from the face of the Earth.  The end is near.  Colonization of the Moon is one of the last chances to save humanity.  The project of colonizing the Moon is, in fact, new  Noah's Ark.

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