10.16869.     AR AR

Kindness is one of the names of love.  People who have love are kind.  The second name of kindness is humility and restraint.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.1872.     AR AR

When you tell a person that he is kind, he wants to believe and conform.  Everybody wants to be good, nobody likes to be bad.

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10.14302.     AR AR


Fussiness is excessive zeal from the best motives, in fact, it is the best that is the enemy of all that is good, good and bright in this world.


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10.14304.     AR AR

Out of good intentions, a person makes promises that he can't fulfill later.  In fact, this person is a coward who is afraid of upsetting people, or a drug addict who craves a moment's pleasure.  All his motives are very good, but since he is a coward and a liar, he does not have the strength to fulfill his words.

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10.16136.     AR AR

You should treat your loved one as your body, that is, kindly and taking into account his feelings.

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10.16228.     AR AR

The only sensible way to enjoy life is to do good deeds.  The giver's hand will never get tired.

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10.16579.     AR AR

Anger and anger come from impotence, because the strong are kind and restrained.

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10.17659. Benevolent angel.     AR AR

I know you've been waiting for me, and now I've come to help you.

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10.18426.     AR AR

The art of conversation is the art of loving one's neighbor.  One must love one's neighbor.  Love is honesty, benevolence, joy, usefulness, respect, tolerance, kindness, mindfulness, relaxation, and the absence of fear.

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10.19788.     AR AR

Kindness, love and fraternity in the hands of order is the most terrible weapon in this world.  Demons rule with weapons of good.  The angels who rule with a whip.

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10.21666.     AR AR

Ask and you will be given, but ask with love... that is, patiently, persistently, without aggression, in justice and goodness.

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137.     AR AR

Good  news  is  quietly 
whispered  in  the  ear 
a  cry  of  joy... 

Übersetzen: Muhortova Natalie


Der Anfang des Buches

3845.     AR AR

Ein   schönes   Familienmausoleum   oder   eine   Krypta   ist   Voraussetzung   für   den   Wohlstand   lebender   Familienmitglieder.   Denn   diejenigen,   die   den   Toten   Tribut   der   Schönheit   zahlen,   werden   vom   Leben   selbst   geliebt.  

Je   schöner   und   uniques   Haus   der   Toten   ist,   desto   mehr   Chancen,   dass   die   guten   Engel   die   in   ihm   eingeschlafenen   Seelen   nicht   vergessen.   Mehr   als,   Marmor   und   Granitstein   sind   eine   Art   der   Gedächtnismodule,   ein   ausgezeichnetes   Lager   der   Archive   der   toten   Seelen.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko


9.9027. Alles muss sehr freundlich sein.     AR AR

Es   ist   sehr   wichtig   zu   verstehen,   wie   adäquat   ein   Mitarbeiter   auf   die   Kritik   reagiert.   Jedes   Zeichen   der   Aggression   bei   dieser   Frage   ist   ein   Anlass   zum   Trennen.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko