418.     AR AR

In   der   Tat,   wenn   es   schwierig   ist,   ist   besser,   als   wenn`s   leicht,-…   Konkurrenz   gering.

Übersetzen: Oksana Shevchenko


589.     AR AR

In  following  the  course  of  stereotypes  I  see  keen  competition. 

Übersetzen: Muhortova Natalie


7.71. Great use.     AR AR

Observe  your  competitors  and  take  the  best  from  them  –  after  all,  they  should  be  good  for  something.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.17026.     AR AR

Similar doesn't like similar, because no one likes competitors.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.17039.     AR AR

The more competitors there are, the better...  exhausted in the mutual struggle, they will be small and weak.  Refrain from fighting, grow up a little, and then eat them one at a time.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.17079.     AR AR

Progress is a necessity, because competitors do not stand still.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.17849. Shoulder of power.     AR AR

The justice is that the king of the mountain built his own mountain, so he has a tenfold bonus with any of the greedy competitors who want to overthrow him.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.19185.     AR AR

Competitors do not need to be afraid, they need to be loved.  Competitors are food in every sense of the word.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.19192.     AR AR

Uniqueness allows forms to avoid conflict over content (energy).  The very concept of competition between forms occurs through uniqueness, because, in fact, the same energy can simultaneously belong to hundreds of forms, provided that they are unique and separate.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.19193.     AR AR

The more unique and useful the form, the easier it is to gain control of energy.  We can say that there is no struggle for energy between forms.  Any unique form can easily capture any energy it needs.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.19308.     AR AR

The universe is a point that grows within itself, so the source of its energy is inside it, and it does not compete with anyone and does not waste energy on war.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.19311. A variety of options.     AR AR

The whole is the form, the details are the content.  The whole is always competing for content, but the content also tends to become part of the whole.  On the other hand, there are a lot of forms and details.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.19321. Polygamous relationships.     AR AR

Tolerance is the realization that one and the same point (the contents)  it can belong to different forms.  What's the point  the more universal and simpler it is, the more forms can share it at the same time.  Forms compete for content, but this competition is not aggressive, it is only about mutual polygamous love.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.19346. Love cannot be stopped.     AR AR

The greater the barrier and impassability, the better, because fewer people, more oxygen.  The more competitors perish in the swamp of impassability, the better.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.19901. In search of a clear sky.     AR AR

Life is movement.  The meaning of life is movement.  Movement is growth.  Growth is joyful.  We don't need goals by themselves, but to indicate the direction of growth.  It is desirable to choose unique goals in order to grow in a direction free from competitors.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.20222.     AR AR

You go more quietly, you will go further, because there are a lot of fools, and only one thing is better.  Choosing the best, you get involved in a competitive struggle, where a crowd of people and a large impassability.  The best is greed, driven horses, insufficient fuel and crowds of people.  Smart people travel light, on foot or on a donkey.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.21606. Do you know what I mean?     AR AR

The idolaters (the proud)  they crave the big... but the big is not enough and there are many who want to own it.  This creates unhealthy competition and crowds of sufferers.  At the same time, the small remains in oblivion, no one needs it for nothing.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.22558. A heroic trick.     AR AR

"This is so monstrously difficult," I say to myself, but I don't cry, but I am happy.  First, the hero is happy, and secondly, smart people know that everything is identical, but you will get more joy from the difficult, and there will be fewer competitors.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


Der Anfang des Buches

3.1126.     AR AR

Viele   Leute,   während   sie   einen   Job   suchen,   sind   einem   Falter,   der   zum   Feuer   fliegt,   ähnlich.   Wenn   etwas   deine   Augen   blind   macht,   pass   auf,   es   sind   Millionen   Sterne   im   Himmel,   und   es   ist   unwichtig,   welchen   zu   lieben.   Manchmal   ist   besser,   deinen   Stern   auszusuchen,   um   bis   ihn   ruhig   wachsen,   dem   ermattenden   Wettbewerb   wegzulaufen.     

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko


8.8584.     AR AR

Problem   von   Armen   besteht   darin,   sie   sind   zu   klug.   Erlebende   Dummheit   könnte   ihnen   helfen,   ihre   Ängste   zu   töten   und   dumme   Hoffnungen,   Bewegungsquellen   schenken…   Würde   helfen,   von   der   ermattenden   Konkurrenz   wegzulaufen   und   etwas   absolut   neues   und   einzelartiges   zu   machen…   Aber   nicht,   es   sind   nur   Träume.

Übersetzen: Oksana Shevchenko