10.3332.     AR AR

I'm telling you, don't say Yes or No.  Agreement and disagreement are all lies.  Just take it under advisement.  When the time comes, something may come in handy.

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10.10905. Be afraid of your desires.     AR AR

Bad desires are hard to come by ...but they do.  Apparently, God slightly resists, but if the desire is persistent – agrees.

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10.10056.     AR AR

Agree first, then say "but"...  Alas, there is no other way to deal with fools and proud people.

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10.9899.     AR AR

The refusal and consent must be registered.  When you say No, call the recipient by name.  When a person is addressed by name, they hear better.

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10.9829.     AR AR

A unique person is not someone who disagrees with everyone, but someone who understands everyone and agrees with everyone.

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10.12020.     AR AR

You can agree with anything, including the right of a person to have their own opinion.

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10.16503.     AR AR

The essence of humility is to realize that law and order is good.  If there is a law, it means that it is good and why it is needed.  You can either just accept the law, or, having learned it, agree with it and say, Yes, everything is true. 

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10.16512.     AR AR

Understanding is consent, if there is no consent, then there is misunderstanding.

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10.17410.     AR AR

Anger is pride associated with the fact that a person does not want to understand and understand what is happening.  Lust for power over the nature of things.  Disagreement with the nature of things.  Resistance to the nature of things.

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10.17901.     AR AR

Anything can be ... even something I've never personally encountered.

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10.18133.     AR AR

I agree everywhere where you agree, but where you disagree with something, I will ignore it... for denial is something that does not exist, something that does not exist. 

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10.18299.     AR AR

Proud people are terribly touchy, and they take any disagreement with their point of view with great pain.

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10.20491.     AR AR


Experience tells us that in order to establish contact with a person, you should first listen carefully to him, and then agree.  If you argue with him, give advice or impose your opinion, the reaction will be sharply negative.


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1554.   AR AR

The  following  ways  can  be  used  to  create  a  comfortable  psychological  background:  support  by  agreement,  support  by  approval,  flattery  and  admiration,  approving  gestures,  sharing  common  interests  and  ideas. 

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10.20621.     AR AR

Dislike and disagreement creates heaviness…

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7.92. Don't waste energy on resistance.     AR AR

No need to argue, no need to justify anything.  You need to listen carefully and think about how you can use the situation for the benefit of the case.  Even if I disagree, there is no need to argue.  Say, "all right, all right, let's think."

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Der Anfang des Buches

3.191.     AR AR

Während   du   „Andersdenken“-Texte   liest,   teils   einverstanden,   teils   nicht,   teils   deine   eigenen   Gedanken   zufügend,   wirst   du   eine   Systemcode   gestalten,   ähnlich   101100010101.   Das   System   ist   die   Wahrheit.

Übersetzen: Oksana Shevchenko


3.613.     AR AR

Wenn   du   wenig   Erfahrung   hast,   stimme   zu,   für   die   Erfahrung   arbeiten,   die   Erfahrung   kostet   teurer   als   Geld.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko


3.1521.     AR AR

Syntalismus   in   Nuancen   ist   mit   Dataism   einverstanden.   Übrigens   Syntalismus   ist   einverstanden   mit   mehreren.   Wirklich,   der   Wert   der   Algorithmen   wird   mit   ihrer   Beilage   in   den   Prozess   der   Informationserstellung   bestimmt…   Andere   Frage   ist,   von   welcher   Beilage   die   Rede   geht.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko


5.2775. Alle Worte sind Lüge.     AR AR

Soloinc   begann   von   Nietzsche.   Man   kann   sagen,   Soloinc   ist   ein   geistlicher   Schüler   von   Nietzsche   und   ihm   sehr   ähnlich   ist.   Soloinc   unterstützt   alle   Thesen   von   Nietzsche.   Es   gibt   aber   ein   prinzipieller   Unterschied.   Nietzsche   ist   mit   allen   nicht   einverstanden,   denn   alle   Worte   sind   Lüge.   Soloinc   ist   mit   allen   einverstanden,   denn   alle   Worte   sind   Lüge.   Alle   sprechen   das   eine,   nur   mit   verschiedenen   Worten.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko