10.15290.     AR AR

Truth is not the addition of extremes, but their multiplication.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.15292.     AR AR

Indeed, if you are smart, you should not be very afraid.  Fools are very afraid, or not at all.  Fools, full of extremes, and smart moderate.

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10.16446.     AR AR

The essence of extremes is to love each other and connect in the middle.  However, if you need to turn, one of the extremes prevails for a short time.

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10.16454.     AR AR

Confidence softens sharpness, making words and movements smooth.  Uncertainty is contrasting, vain, and it seems as if it freezes and twitches.  Confidence is moderate.  Uncertainty fluctuates between extremes or sticks to them.

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10.16803.     AR AR

The past and the future are two extremes that strive to connect in the present to one point.

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10.16804.     AR AR

A thing now and a thing in the future are two extremes, one of which tends to become the other. 

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10.16835.     AR AR

God is the absolute, the unity of black and white, and life is a movement between these two extremes.

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10.18004. The ball of truth.     AR AR

By holding back extremes, you do not reject them, but you humble them by squeezing and turning them into one.

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10.18445.     AR AR

An introvert is an inferiority complex.  An extrovert is a megalomaniac.  There are still many intermediate categories.  Ideally, both extremes should be contained and integrity should be sought.

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10.19150.     AR AR

The truth is one, and everyone has their own ignorance.

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10.19180.     AR AR

You are wrong to separate form from content, extremes are always lies, truth is a whole entity.  Any extreme is always a drug.  Too much love is called pride.  Too much joy creates suffering.

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10.19971.     AR AR

Integrity implies a combination of extremes, a situation where  some of the extremes are repressed, incompatible with the concept of integrity.

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10.20252.     AR AR

Extremes are always pride that breeds fear.

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10.20618.     AR AR

Honey sell very cheap, and the tar is very expensive…  That's the whole secret.

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10.20820.     AR AR

It is good when it is normal, bad and better it is all overkill and extremes.

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10.21664.     AR AR

If you want a lot at once, want a little at once.  The system requires balance.  You can't want one thing by choosing one extreme, you automatically choose the other extreme.

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10.21746. Blue planet.     AR AR

Conflicts within the family are conflicts of two extremes, Mars and Venus.  If these two will meet each other halfway, they will be able to create unity on the basis of the planet Earth.

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10.22164.     AR AR

Pride gives rise to contradictions, because the pride is always the extreme.  Humility is the Golden mean and unambiguity of decisions.

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10.22437.     AR AR

Lie and truth are two axes of coordinates-vertical and horizontal. Where the lie is the vertical axis, and the truth is the horizontal axis. On the other hand, the system is three-dimensional, so the lie has two extremes, that is, it forms the Z and y axes. Curiously, there is no clear division between the axes. Rather, the axis of truth is time, and the other three axes are lies.

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Der Anfang des Buches

3.127.     AR AR

Synergie ist eine skalierbare Wahrheit, die sich bei der Fusion der Extreme in einem gemeinsamen Systemganzen erscheint. Wunder ist Fähigkeit eines Synergiesystems, in geometrischer Reihe zu wachsen. Synergiesysteme produzieren Energie um einiges schneller, als verbrauchen.

Übersetzen: Oksana Shevchenko


3.1286. Lotosblume.     AR AR


„Andersdenken“   enthält   in   sich   das   Konzept   der   Einheit   des   Nichtzusammengebundenen.   Wald   und   Bäume,   Punkt   und   Weltall,   Konstante   und   Variable   in   einer   Person.   Das   Buch   „Andersdenken“   ist   ein   Buch,   geteiltes   in   einige   Bücher.   Das   Buch   „Andersdenken“   ist   ein   Buch,   welches   einen   Anfang,   aber   kein   Ende   hat.   Das   Buch   der   Wahrheit   und   Lüge.   Das   Buch,   wo   die   Lüge   grenzenlos   und   die   Wahrheit   endlos   sind.  

In   einem   Augenblick   die   Ewigkeit   sehen.

Die   große   Welt   in   einem   Sandkorn.

In   einem   Bündel   die   Endlosigkeit

Und   der   Himmel   in   einem   Blumenkelch.  



Übersetzen: Oksana Shevchenko


4.3498.     AR AR

Ein   arroganter   Mensch   voller   Leidenschaft   startet   schnell,   verliert   aber   auch   schnell   Interesse.   Wenn   man   ihm   Hindernisse   stellt,   lässt   aber   diese   überwinden,   dabei   die   neuen   schaffend,   kann   ein   stolzer   Mensch   genug   lang   arbeiten.   Arrogante   Leute   sind   voll   Extreme,   bald   lassen   sie   alles,   bald   stoßen   endlos   lang   mit   dem   Kopf   über   die   Wand.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko


4.4078. Gefährlich unberechtigte Person.     AR AR

Während   des   Interviews   ist   sehr   wichtig,   sich   nicht   nervös   bewegen.   Wenn   du   es   machst,   du   übertreibst   und   es   strengt   alle   an.   Sei   nicht   nervös   und   es   sei   alles   gut.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko