10.1197.     AR AR

Who are you and what have you brought?  "I am the wind that brings rain from the North.  The hurricane will shatter all your glass illusions, you will cry on the ruins of your false ideals.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.1795. A work of art.     AR AR

The noise of the wind in the picture is cool.

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10.2228.     AR AR

To him who is courageous, nothing is dangerous to do, to him who is cowardly and weak, even the slightest breath of wind is deadly.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.2693. Fire wind.     AR AR

Don't be afraid to go into the line of fire, but make sure you have air cover.  If the gods help you, the devils will be afraid to come out of the trenches.

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10.6831.     AR AR

When you are the wind, autumn's Golden leaves are like money.

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10.8455.     AR AR

A quick run dispels an anxious mood, like a wind-fog.

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10.8755.     AR AR

The illusion is unstable, easily destroyed by any chance.  Reality is more resistant to the wind.

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10.9323.     AR AR

While the flies buzzed and spent their precious energy and time swearing at me, they were like the wind turning a mill.  I have benefited immensely from every activity I have done.  Is this assessment of the activity of flies fair?  Doubtful.

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10.9799.     AR AR

Your problem is that you can hear today's wind, but you can't hear yesterday's or tomorrow's wind.  You poked out your ears to find silence and be deafened by the endless noise.

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10.11069.     AR AR

Takeoffs and landings always occur against the wind.  To get up, you need to look for a hindrance.  To avoid falling, interference should be avoided.

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10.11374.     AR AR

Humility is when you realize that love, faith, hope, and beauty are illusions, but it doesn't matter to you.  What is important is that fear, pain, and anger are also illusions.  Your favorite illusions you cherish, and illusions harmful and nasty as the smoke will scatter the wind.

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10.12056. Clean energy.     AR AR

No matter how much a person lives, he still lives for pleasure.  However, we find it useful when this desire for pleasure works for the benefit of society.  The thirst for pleasure is the flow of water, it is the wind, it is what turns the turbines of electric generators and produces energy.

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10.16460. He, the rebel, seeks the storm.     AR AR

Love is a wind that, first, you need to be able to use, and secondly, you do not need to turn into a storm. 

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10.18234.     AR AR

What is complacency?  The arrogance of a dung beetle, proud of the greatness of its ball of shit.  Be honest at least with yourself, your pride is a wavering illusion, a morning mist that will be blown away by the wind by noon.

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10.20833.     AR AR

The forms of things are like the flow of water and the movement of the wind.  Water flows from top to bottom.  The wind blows from cold to hot, from hot to cold.  In other words, where there is no difference between good and evil, there is no life in black and white.  If someone wins the war of angels and demons, the ocean will find peace, and life will die.  They say peace is joyous, but life is also joyous.

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10.21063. During a storm.     AR AR

During trials, all the troubles come together.  ... You should know this, you should prepare for it, and you should not be afraid.  Fear paralyzes, and you do not be afraid, you keep the faith, that is, the movement.  Don't let the troubles steal your time.  Find shelter and do something useful while the storm rages.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


Der Anfang des Buches

3.481.     AR AR

Sei   einfach   und   die   Leute   kommen   zu   dir.   Einfachheit   ist   die   Niederdruckzone,   wo   die   Winde   von   allen   Seiten   anblasen.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko


4.806.     AR AR

Derjenige,   der   Rituale   und   Ordnung   ehrt,   ist   einer   Windmühle   ähnlich,   die   das   Geld   aus   der   Luft   gewinnt.   Derjenige,   der   die   Ordnung   nicht   ehrt,   hat   große   Angst   vor   der   Zukunft   und   futtert   sich   vom   Zufall.

Übersetzen: Oksana Shevchenko


5.486. Mühle und Windfahne.     AR AR

„Windfänger“   ist   derjenige,   der   nach   der   Liebe   sucht.   Liebe   ist   wie   ein   Wind,   sie   bringt   Wolken.   Liebe   ist   ein   Energiefluss,   Wolken   sind   eine   Quelle   vom   Regen   und   Leben.   Wasser   ist   die   Energie,   Erfolg   und   Geld.   Vergänglich   ist   das   alles,   denn   die   Winde   sind   ewig.   Wozu   dem   nachzulaufen,   was   selbst   zu   dir   in   die   Hände   kommt.   Alles,   was   du   brauchst,   ist,   mit   dem   Geist   erhebend   und   atmend,   mit   voller   Brust   den   Wind   zu   fangen.

Übersetzen: Oksana Shevchenko