10.15588.     AR AR

The survivor is the one who adapts most effectively to the external environment around him, in order to extract energy from it and protect himself from external threats.  In other words, you will need Love to survive.  Love is mindfulness, knowledge, and kindness to one's neighbor.  By integrating as much as possible into the environment, a person firmly occupies an ecological niche where he is most useful.

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10.14923.     AR AR

Conveyor production is effective because the average person is able to love and do well only one operation.

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10.12475. The minimum point.     AR AR

The effect occurs when the saturation point is reached.  The point of minimum.  No one knows where it is.  You can make 10,000 efforts and the effect will be zero, and at 10001 there will be an explosion of efficiency.

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10.16529.     AR AR

What you call a loss of control and a breakdown is switching to autopilot.  Switching to autopilot occurs when there is no clear conscious understanding of what to do.  Autopilot includes instinctive programs of the subconscious, tested by millions of years of evolution and have shown their effectiveness.

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10.16651.     AR AR

Time has a variable value.  The more time is loved and used more effectively, the more valuable it is.  The cheapest time is the time that you can buy for beads, candy, and other worthless items.  The essence of business is to buy time cheap and sell it dearly.

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10.19057.     AR AR

In General, it is not very effective to accuse a person of something, they will instantly turn on self-deception and close down.  It is more useful to blame some third-party facts, and try to turn the person into an ally.

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10.19498. Little chewed-up pieces of lies.     AR AR

The more small bites you take of the truth, the more energy is generated.  You need to chew the truth long and carefully.  Take the example of cows, they eat all day, and their milk is good for society.

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10.21583.     AR AR

You need to rest, but rest is not a good thing, but an unavoidable evil, the slightest overkill of which will destroy you.  You should rest to work.  Too much work is dangerous, because it creates exhaustion and inattention.  To maintain your performance, you need to rest a little.  Of course, if it were possible not to rest at all and avoid this deadly poison, then... but it is impossible.  A little rest is necessary, even if only in a dream.

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10.22228.     AR AR

Burnout occurs from an overabundance, the less, the more.  In order not to burn out, but to work effectively, work a little bit.

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10.22306. Well-spent time.     AR AR

The point is that you are falling down with a uniform acceleration, because you are afraid, pushing, waving your arms, trying to slow down or accelerate, your speed does not change.  The question is not how fast you fly, but what your time and attention are devoted to.

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10.22356.     AR AR

By minimizing movement, we save energy by reducing cost.  This way, you drive more quietly, and you will go further.  A smaller movement contains more energy potential than a larger movement, and uses energy more efficiently.

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10.22392.     AR AR

To grow in the system, you need  a pinch of poison.  To make the bread delicious, it needs to be salted.  For order to be productive, it needs a bit of chaos.  Similarly, the system works in the reflected form.

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Der Anfang des Buches

3.1433.     AR AR

Schau   an,   der   Sinn   ist   darin,   du   bist   ein   Altmodell   eines   Menschen,   deine   Inhaber   benötigen   dich   nicht   mehr.   Du   verbrauchst   Energie   nicht   effektiv   und   entnimmst   einen   Lebensraum.   Sie   konnten   dich   modernisieren   und   Arbeit   dir   erfinden,   vorziehen   aber   dich   einschlafen,   aus   der   wahren   Welt   auswerfen.   Sie   nennen   es   angeblich   eine   humane   Euthanasie.   Du   möchtest   doch   nicht   in   der   Realität   zu   wohnen,   und   Illusionen   so   schön   sind.   Syntalismus   bietet   dir   nicht   das   Paradies   des   Todes   an,   aber   das   Leben   in   der   Realität.   Du   kannst   selbst   dich   modernisieren,   deinen   Platz   unter   der   Sonne   behalten.  

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3.2217. Effektivität und Zuverlässigkeit des Wissens werden durch das Maß seiner Detaillierung bestimmt.     AR AR

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9.3817. Extra Bemühung.     AR AR

Es   wird   hier   viel   von   welcher   Übereffektivität   gesprochen,   über   das   100%   Engagement   philosophiert.   Die   Wahrheit   ist   aber   darin,   dass   wenn   du   min.   um   20%   engagiert   wirst   und   dein   Gehirn   anschaltest,   es   wird   schon   „Bingo“   und   Treffen   in   1%   erfolgreicher   Personen…

Übersetzen: Oksana Shevchenko