10.19202.     AR AR

A blank white sheet can include infinitely many different forms.  A blank black sheet can exclude infinitely many different forms.

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10.19214. I can love for a long time.     AR AR

Love is an infinite source of energy, and a person in love is the equivalent of a perpetual motion machine.

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10.19378. The unity of the finite and the infinite.     AR AR

Truth is something that can be served indefinitely, for truth is unknowable.  Truth is the infinite source of love, that is, power and energy.

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10.20740.     AR AR

The real idea is impracticable and like hope.  Hope is one of the names of truth, and truth is unknowable.  The idea evolves endlessly.  You follow your idea, and it follows the infinite path of perfection.

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10.20745.     AR AR

The principle of negation of negation allows us to infinitely increase the strength of the initial basis.  Taking the basis as one, we first negate it, and then, by negating the negation, we create zero.  By combining one and zero, we create ten.  However, one can be endlessly denied.  The search for truth takes place by denying lies.  By taking a reference basic entity and endlessly negating it, we can easily create a universe from a point.

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10.21129.     AR AR

There are no Windows of opportunity, just sticky tapes for flies.  There are endless possibilities around, they are not needed by anyone and are invisible to anyone.

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10.21709.     AR AR

There is an infinite amount of free space, because freedom is boundless.  The occupied space has a form and is limited.  What is fenced in is small, but the darkness is endless.

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10.21743.     AR AR

Lovers do not notice the clock, because love is time.  Lovers are given an infinite amount of time.  Time is a form of energy.  If lovers take the trouble to convert their endless time into forms of energy like money, they will become rich.

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10.21776.     AR AR

There are an infinite number of options, your job is to relax and just flow in the direction of your goal.

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10.21779.     AR AR

Being is limited and non-being is unlimited, it is a great honor to become a reality.  All forms of reality are equal to each other.

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10.21811.     AR AR

It is impossible to know the truth, for the truth is infinite non-existence.  But it is possible to know a lie, a lie is limited to the real world and therefore quite knowable.  Another question is that lies are constantly growing, filled with information from the infinite non-existence of truth.

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10.21947. Restrain your greed.     AR AR

Truth (perfection, love and beauty)  inexhaustible if you draw them with restraint.  You drive more quietly, you'll go further.  At low speed, perfection is an inexhaustible source of energy that feeds the perpetual motion machine.  However, greedy pride can empty everything around it and the source will perish.

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10.22018.     AR AR

The truth is infinitely extended in time lie.  The act of faith is the creation of extension.

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10.22024.     AR AR

Zero is not as small as you think, connect two zeros and you create infinity.

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10.22395. Infinite love.     AR AR

Truth is reality, and reality is energy distributed over time.  An illusion is an energy locked in an instant.  The energy of the moment is huge, but to turn it into truth and the real world, you need to destroy the moment and turn it into infinity.

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10.22399.     AR AR

To achieve infinity, you should limit yourself as much as possible.  Limitation is humility.  The greater the humility, the greater the power.

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10.22400. The opposite is true.     AR AR

Haste and impatience are murder  God who is time.  Quick is murder.  Time wishes  To be.  Time wants extension.  Love is patience and an act of faith, that is, infinite movement.  The longer and more thoroughly an entity is made, the more truth there is in it.

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10.22482.     AR AR

Work generates the growth of the system.  If the goal of the work is control and order, which is unlimited, then this generates an infinite growth and complexity of the system.

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10.22515.     AR AR

Humility is the realization that ideal, truth, order, love, beauty, and hope are infinite and inexhaustible.  In other words, the desire to achieve an ideal and the desire for power (control)  there is pride over the essences of love.

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Der Anfang des Buches

3.1286. Lotosblume.     AR AR


„Andersdenken“   enthält   in   sich   das   Konzept   der   Einheit   des   Nichtzusammengebundenen.   Wald   und   Bäume,   Punkt   und   Weltall,   Konstante   und   Variable   in   einer   Person.   Das   Buch   „Andersdenken“   ist   ein   Buch,   geteiltes   in   einige   Bücher.   Das   Buch   „Andersdenken“   ist   ein   Buch,   welches   einen   Anfang,   aber   kein   Ende   hat.   Das   Buch   der   Wahrheit   und   Lüge.   Das   Buch,   wo   die   Lüge   grenzenlos   und   die   Wahrheit   endlos   sind.  

In   einem   Augenblick   die   Ewigkeit   sehen.

Die   große   Welt   in   einem   Sandkorn.

In   einem   Bündel   die   Endlosigkeit

Und   der   Himmel   in   einem   Blumenkelch.  



Übersetzen: Oksana Shevchenko