10.19334.     AR AR

Why are you pretending to be a fool?  You'll get used to it!  You'll stay that way for the rest of your life.

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10.19469.     AR AR

Of course, the best is the enemy of the good, but when everything is for the best, what have we to lose?

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10.19877.     AR AR

The main question of being:  what's good about bad?

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10.20125.     AR AR

How can evil overcome evil?  Evil only multiplies evil!  – Doesn't a minus on a minus give you a plus?"  Does evil exist?

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10.20132.     AR AR

Why does toilet paper disappear in the first place during a crisis or financial panic?

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10.20255.     AR AR

Actually, the symbol of beauty is not a female, but a male.  Cosmetics are more of a symbol of lies.

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10.20502.     AR AR

Tell me, are you the master of your mood or is your mood the master?

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10.21340.     AR AR

It's a shame to be alone, but on the other hand, why?

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10.21671.     AR AR

Running hungry, lying greedy ... children of pride, children of the devil.  Should they count on divine support?

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10.22199.     AR AR

Of course, faith and love will save you, but faith is a movement and God helps the one who is walking.  Are you already performing an act of faith?  Where is your movement towards the expected and confidence in the unseen?

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Der Anfang des Buches

7.4007. Schweigen der Lämmer.     AR AR

Ich   habe   gleich   gedacht,   wenn   alle   beraten   werden,   mehr   hören   und   wenig   quatschen,   worüber   die   zwei   reden   werden,   die   diesem   Ratschlag   gleichzeitig   folgen?

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko