10.18999.     AR AR

The dependent person experiences a terrible fear of the possibility of losing their idol (drug).

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10.18973.     AR AR

A dependent woman in fear of losing her man will keep him by limiting sex and being painful.  Feeling inattentive and unfaithful, she will also try to provoke scandals and guilt.

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10.18998.     AR AR

The dependent person is automatically degraded.  Weakness breeds fear, laziness, illusions, and pain.  This state of Affairs provokes in the dominant active personality a sense of duty and a desire to take care of the weak.

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10.19056.     AR AR

Egoist and ideological narcissist, in essence, a drug addict, that is, a person who is dependent on his pleasure.

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10.19071.     AR AR

The favorite occupation of a pleasure-dependent person is to hysteria and harass their loved ones with eternal nagging.

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10.19091.     AR AR

It is useless to tell a passive-dependent person to do something, such a person cannot force himself to do something, and is in chronic procrastination.  The dominant personality should allow the dependent personality freedom and find a fruitful occupation where it can take an active position.

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10.19304.     AR AR

The more independent the child is, the less ill he gets.  The same applies to adults.  Non-self-sufficient people live in eternal fear, which greatly spoils their health.

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10.19382.     AR AR

Women cling to men who are proud, because they are dependent on pleasure, and therefore they can be controlled either by pleasure or by fear.

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10.19458.     AR AR

The dependent person, having felt the power, becomes savage.

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10.19459.     AR AR

The dependent personality includes the dominant personality as part of its Ego.  Loss of the dominant leads to pain shock.

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10.19460.     AR AR

The dependent woman in dreams is dominant.  When a dominant woman appears next to her husband, the wife sees her as the best and is wildly jealous.  But in vain.  They say the best is the enemy of the good.  The dominant doesn't need a dominant.  The husband will not be interested in this woman.

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10.19704.     AR AR

Dependence on other people's opinions is the fear that you will be badly thought of, will blame you, will say that you are bad or weak.

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10.19926.     AR AR

To love a person is to admire them and be happy that they exist.  Dependence on his attention and love is drug addiction, obsession with their own pleasure and inability to extract this pleasure from other sources.

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10.20426.     AR AR

Self-pity can be seen as a drug breakdown, due to lack of external love. They don’t love me, a person dependent on love experiences and cries. To stabilize the situation, you need to fast and suffer steadily, waiting for the body to clear itself and be ready to love again.

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10.21620.     AR AR

Hope for help from outside generates a loss of self-confidence, which means procrastination, fear, and loss of the ability to act independently.

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10.21933.     AR AR

A cunning subconscious mind can rigidly substitute a dependent, cowardly or lazy person who for some reason does not want to work and realize their dreams.  The body can get sick to give the mind an excuse that it is not able to implement its ideas.  This vile lie must be stopped at the root and ignored.

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10.22289.     AR AR

In a dominant-dependent relationship, the dependent side will intuitively sabotage everything related to work and growth, because the subconscious knows that the dominant and the dominant will not get along.

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10.22291.     AR AR

The dominant narcissistic man seeks to turn his dependent wife into himself.  However, if he succeeds in this, she will inevitably be disappointed in him.  The narcissistic man by default suffers from a complex of mismatch of himself to his ideal.

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4.632.     AR AR

One who cannot live without happiness is extremely unhappy.
A happiness addict is very unhappy. The life of this poor man is permeated by the eternal fear that happiness will disappear and then disaster will happen.

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10.42.     AR AR

A person whose self-esteem, mood or well-being are dependent on other people can be called a weak and dependent person.

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Der Anfang des Buches

9.9930. Notenabhängigkeit.     AR AR

Der   größte   Schaden,   den   die   Schule   einem   Kind   mach,   ist   aufdringlicher   Wunsch,   eine   gute   Note   bekommen   und   Angst   vor   der   schlechten.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko