10.6168.     AR AR

The   book   "Variothoughts"   is   a   basic   library   of   thought   DNA,   which   can   be   downloaded   to   the   brain   to   solve   any   problem.   Any   dreams,   any   goals   will   become   available   to   you,   thanks   to   the   philosophy   of   Syntalism.

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10.6208.     AR AR


DNA is a reality.  RNA is an illusion.  The unity of reality and illusion creates life.


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10.6688.     AR AR

The complex consists of the simple.  DNA of the fungus and human DNA is similar to 55%.  This means that, having created the mushroom, evolution has already passed more than half of the way from Nothing to man.  For example, a RAM is already almost 90% human.

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10.6987. Tell me what you want, and I'll tell you who you are.     AR AR

You need a challenge.  To realize your goal, you must know it.  The more complex and beautiful your goal, the more perfect the DNA of information you will acquire by working with it.

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10.6988.     AR AR

You can't grow without a goal.  When a person learns his goal, he reprograms the DNA of his brain and, guided by this new information, begins to grow.  There is no goal, no new information, no growth.

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10.7567. RNA heredity.     AR AR

The effect of genetic inheritance is minimal.  A human is a stem cell whose purpose depends very much on the circumstances and instructions of the RNA.

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10.9470.     AR AR

The relationship of cause and effect is such that the effect includes all its causes, repeating their DNA.  Thus, the effect can reproduce its causes.  It should also be borne in mind that the effects generated by different causes may be similar, but will never be completely identical.

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10.12799. DNA of Ideas.     AR AR

An idea is a virus, a disease that infects reality, changes it, or even tries to kill it.  I am glad that having had an idea, reality develops immunity to It.  It's frustrating that viruses are constantly evolving.  Interestingly, virus DNA makes up up to 30% of the DNA of reality and significantly changes its existence.

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10.13232.     AR AR

All objects are complete forms that contain sets of abstractions.  Abstractions and their conglomerates can easily move from object to object, which is called the Association process.  The process is similar to the exchange of DNA between organisms, viruses, and bacteria.

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10.14119.     AR AR

Women can be metaphorically called the immune cells of being, which are responsible for fighting viruses, bacteria, and diseased cells.  It can also be assumed that the immune system contains information about the RNA of cells.  It is the RNA that determines which DNA will be used by the stem cell to find its place in life.

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10.14120.     AR AR

There is an empirical assumption that information about cell RNA is located in the body's immune system.  In addition, the immune system is responsible for analyzing (loving) viruses and inserting their DNA into the body's DNA.  By studying their enemies, the immune system then defeats them with their own weapons.

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10.15139. Harmony of knowledge.     AR AR

The point is that initially people are born under the sign of chaos or order, but then in the process of knowing each other learn ... Order takes the DNA of chaos, and this makes it more harmonious.  Chaos takes the DNA of order.

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10.15196.     AR AR

The DNA of light is 99% dark.  Moreover, light is very similar to RNA.

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10.18482.     AR AR

Difficulties are like viruses, overcoming their object, absorbs part of the code of their DNA and evolves.  The stronger and more perfect the difficulty, the more useful it is.

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10.22421.     AR AR

Human DNA  it consists of 30% virus DNA.  After getting over the virus and receiving immunity from it, the human DNA evolves.  First, the DNA evolves, then the entire human being follows it.  Thus, those who got over the coronovirus and acquired immunity to it, there is a higher and stronger stage of evolution than those who refused to evolve.

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Der Anfang des Buches

5.412.     AR AR

„Andersdenken“   –   das   Buch   für   die,   wer   die   Zeit   spart.   Fertige   LEGO-Würfel,   woraus   kann   man   beliebige   Ideen   und   Ziele   konstruieren.   DNS   und   RNS   des   Gedankens.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko


5.0061.   AR AR

„Andersdenken“   ist   ein   Beispiel   für   Verstandsfreiheit,   die   durch   Logik   begrenzt   ist.   Ich   habe   meinen   Gedanken   mit   der   Logik   gehalten,   um   im   Rahmen   der   Wahrheit   zu   bleiben,   denn   Lüge   ist   das,   was   von   der   Logik   nicht   eingezogen   wird.   So   habe   ich   geschafft,   Gedanken-DNS   zu   programmieren.   Für   das   Lebensgestaltung   ist   DNS   aber   wenig,   darum   man   braucht   auch   noch   Ideen,   die   nicht   von   der   Logik,   aber   von   Zielen   der   Existenz   der   Wahrheit   begrenzt   sind.      Für   das   Programmieren   der   RNS   habe   ich   Intuition   gebraucht,   mich   mit   Zielen   der   Wahrheit   begrenzend.   Und   du,   mein   lieber   Freund,   kannst   diese   RNS-   und   DNS-Gedanken   benutzen,   um   dein   Gehirn   damit   gefüllt   gehabt,   deine   eigenen   Aufgaben   zu   erledigen,   zum   Beispiel,   du   kannst   deine   Natur   beliebig   ändern.   Algorithmus   ist   folgender:   formuliere   klar   und   deutlich   deine   Ziele   und   beginne   „Andersdenken“   lesen,   in   3-7-9   Monaten   wirst   du   dein   Gehirn   umprogrammieren   und   zur   Realisierung   jedes   deines   Ziels   bereit.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko


5.0072.   AR AR

„Andersdenken“   ist   DNS   und   RNS   der   Verstandszellen.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko


9.9273. „Andersdenken“ ist DNS des Gedankens.     AR AR

Im   „Andersdenken“   gibt   es   männliche   und   weibliche   Chromosomen,   sehr   Nötiges   und   Überflüssiges.   „Andersdenken“   ist   Baukasten   des   Verstands,   wähle   nötige   dir   Gedanken   und   du   kannst   das   basteln,   was   du   brauchst.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko