8.6821. Reptiloids.     AR AR

Dinosaurs   didn’t   die   out,   they   become   smaller   and   got   on   palms,   then   got   off   palms...   You   know   the   rest   of   the   story.

Übersetzen: Sodmis


8.8305. It wasn’t meant to be.     AR AR

Extraterrestrials   have   visited   Earth   many   times,   but   they   have   never   found   any   people   on   it,   so   they   thought   this   planet   uninhabited.   The   reason   for   that   is   simple:   Earth   is   billions   years   old   and   human   civilization   is   at   most   several   dozens   of   thousands   of   years.

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10.11813.     AR AR

Victory is always not obvious.  Caesar began the war against Gaul with overwhelming superiority of the enemy's forces.  It seems to us that the victory and greatness of Rome were inevitable, but in practice this victory was an act of the greatest heroism and courage.

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10.12155.     AR AR

The main purpose of Pilums for Roman legionaries was to distract the enemy's attention during the approach to the enemy, as well as to disable their shields as much as possible.

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10.11976. Ranged weapons.     AR AR

Persian money was a picture of the archers.  The Persians bought many of their victories.

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10.12890.     AR AR

A person who knows the history of his homeland well can be called a patriot.  The person who knows the history of the world, can be called cosmopolitan.

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10.6184. Pride.     AR AR

Modern chimpanzees are much smarter and more developed than ancient humans.

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10.6657.     AR AR

Dolmens on the black sea coast are a symbol of the mushroom and lingam.  The fungus is the sexual organ of the mycelium.  Metaphorically, a dolmen is a penis of God, a symbol of fruitfulness.  The hole in the middle is a hole for sperm.

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10.7094. Hobbits.     AR AR


On Paradise island, the height of a person has decreased to one meter, and the brain has shrunk to 600 grams.  When there are no enemies and problems, brains and strength are not needed.


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10.8283. The Book Of Truth.     AR AR

The giants described in ancient sacred texts are a metaphor for the power that true faith gives people.  One righteous man of an entire nation is worth it.

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10.8442.     AR AR

History isn't a pretty thing, but it's elegant.  We can say that the main property of truth is elegance.

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10.10167.     AR AR

History teaches us that everything can be and we should not be surprised at anything.  So in the future...  Everything can be and nothing is impossible.

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10.10295.     AR AR

The story about the "Golden calf" is a metaphor for the fact that idols are an expensive pleasure that you will have to throw money at.  On the other hand, there is a sense in idols, the Golden calf copes well with the task for which it was created.

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10.13545.     AR AR

The practice of many sacrifices in ancient religions was aimed at the development of certain types of agriculture, animal husbandry and crafts.

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10.13775.     AR AR

Coral Paradise is a stupid, slow, but nonetheless the most effective predator on planet Earth.

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10.16045. History of a war.     AR AR


The king of Crete was called Minos, and his General, who was defeated in battle by Theseus, was called Taurus.  And they also tell about a monster from the labyrinth named Minotaur, who was defeated by Theseus.  The labyrinth is a metaphor for war.


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10.16096.     AR AR

Diogenes ' public onanism is a metaphor that denounces people's vanity.

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10.17498.     AR AR

Religions are very related to language.  Arabic was taught from the Koran, European languages from the Bible, and the same story with Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism.

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10.19221.     AR AR

The main motive of the story is human pride, that is, thirst  pleasure, sublimated into a lust for power, money, and sex.

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Der Anfang des Buches

8.8402. Aus der antiken Mythologie.     AR AR

Es   ist   interessant,   wenn   du   in   den   Himmel   möchtest   (zur   besseren   Welt   oder   in   einen   neuen   guten   Körper),   brauchst   du   einen   Sarg,   wenn   du   keinen   Sarg   hast,   kannst   du   in   der   Hölle   leicht   verloren   gehen   bzw.   als   ein   Baobab   oder   ein   Ferkel   wieder   geboren   werden,   und   da   ist   wenig   Freude.   Also,   ohne   eine   Krypta   oder   einen   Sarg   sind   deine   Zukunftsansichten   zur   Wiedergeburt   sehr   traurig.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko