2069. Hunt can be different.     AR AR

A  thinker  is  a  thought  hunter. 
A  poet  is  a  word  hunter. 
A  musician  is  a  rhythm  hunter. 
An  idiot  is  a  silliness  hunter. 
A  politician  is  a  soul  hunter. 
And  everyone  is  a  joy  and  pleasure  hunter. 

Übersetzen: Muhortova Natalie

Kunst von Amateur (Dotsenco)



603. Scraps of images…   AR AR

All the food is in our hands...
The sight has lost its bone.
Monologue of an anthill:
we, the residents of corridors used to this…
One who knows how to wait - respect.
I have a sense of taste...

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.9754. Coral Paradise.     AR AR

They create beauty not out of love for the beautiful, but because they are hungry... they like a crowd, in a crowd you will definitely catch someone and eat them.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.9970. Trophy discount.     AR AR

The hunter is happy.  The hunter who has caught the prey is happy in the double.  Give your customers joy, make a discount of their hunting trophy.  When you get a discount, it's gone.  Joyfully - when getting a discount turns into a hunt, quest, feat or job.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.10073.     AR AR

Business should be treated with passion.  Business is both fishing, hunting, and playing poker.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.10758. Keep your eyes open.     AR AR

The hunter's waiting for his victims is painful and draining. 

What should I do? 
- Study your victims, study their environment, carefully look at every detail, think about why it is.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.10762. Two of the hunter.     AR AR

Take an example of a hunter's determination with a woodpecker.  Take an example of patience from a spider.  The woodpecker does not just peck, but listens, finding his food by the sound.  The spider is not just waiting for its prey, but tirelessly weaves its beautiful webs.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.11233.     AR AR

The essence of perfection is hunting.  The mind is a perfect hunter.  The perfect has power over energy.  What energy is not subject to is not perfection, but only an illusion.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.11234. Predatory Idun.     AR AR

What do you mean wait? 
- Listen, watch, watch! 
"So you learn and hunt."  As soon as a fly appears, you must act quickly to catch it.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.13379. Courageous hunter.     AR AR

A coward is not able to forgive, cowards are vindictive and resentful.  The ability to forgive requires great courage and wisdom.  Only a real hunter knows how to forgive.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.13775.     AR AR

Coral Paradise is a stupid, slow, but nonetheless the most effective predator on planet Earth.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.17007.     AR AR

Catch misfortunes and be happy when you failed to catch them.  But do not lie, the hunter must be honest, then the prey will be afraid of him.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.18022.     AR AR

Too much says that everything is fine, so you do not need to hunt and you can sleep.  Overkill automatically creates a quagmire, that is, laziness and procrastination.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.19004.     AR AR

The easiest way to attract people is to organize contests and distribute prizes.  People love hunting and they love trophies.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.19820. Creative person.     AR AR

A hole in the wall should not be hammered with your head like a woodpecker, but with specially created tools.  Man differs from other animals in that in order to catch a bird of fortune, he can weave a net, make a bow and arrow, and generally approach the process of hunting creatively.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


10.20589.     AR AR

Remember, you don't have to say Yes to a person if you want to please them.  Many people really like being told No.  "No»  it awakens in people cheerfulness, love of life and hunting excitement.

Übersetzen: NeuronNet


Der Anfang des Buches

5.486. Mühle und Windfahne.     AR AR

„Windfänger“   ist   derjenige,   der   nach   der   Liebe   sucht.   Liebe   ist   wie   ein   Wind,   sie   bringt   Wolken.   Liebe   ist   ein   Energiefluss,   Wolken   sind   eine   Quelle   vom   Regen   und   Leben.   Wasser   ist   die   Energie,   Erfolg   und   Geld.   Vergänglich   ist   das   alles,   denn   die   Winde   sind   ewig.   Wozu   dem   nachzulaufen,   was   selbst   zu   dir   in   die   Hände   kommt.   Alles,   was   du   brauchst,   ist,   mit   dem   Geist   erhebend   und   atmend,   mit   voller   Brust   den   Wind   zu   fangen.

Übersetzen: Oksana Shevchenko


6.6198.     AR AR

Ein   Problem   von   den   besten   Schülern   ist   Arroganz,   es   scheint   ihnen,   wenn   sie   ausgezeichnet   lernen,   man   muss   ihnen   immer   Gefallen   tun.   Darum   erwarten   sie   Angebote   und   Geschenke.   Sie   haben   keinen   Jägerinstinkt,   sondern   den   Schmarotzerinstinkt,   potenzielle   Opfer   jedes   Jägers.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko