6.4266.     AR AR

Growth is an aspiration from the earth to the sky. Born to crawl, the caterpillar seeks to become a butterfly, seed - tree, etc.

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8.2913.   AR AR


9.3476.     AR AR

Initially, people are born to crawl, to learn to fly, they should die, rethink themselves and be reborn...

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5.2258.     AR AR

Sisyphus resembles a dung beetle, which rolls a lump of his fear up the mountain, and the higher the bigger and heavier.

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10.18149. Purposefulness.     AR AR

True love is when the snail climbs to the top  Fujiyama.

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10.17002.     AR AR

Born to crawl can't fly because it's in too much of a hurry.  First, you should learn to walk and run.

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10.19710.     AR AR

You need to love the worm in yourself.

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10.21226. The snail is happy.     AR AR

Be happy because  Maybe it's just slow movement.  The slower the movement, the greater the potential for joy. 

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10.21681. The armless worm.     AR AR

Self-satisfaction breeds pride, and pride is a big problem, because it turns a person into a worm.  The proud man's arms and legs fall off, he is overcome by procrastination and loses the ability to do something on his own.  The proud are obsessed with the desire for power and try to force others to work, but they can only talk and give "valuable instructions".

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8.799.     AR AR

Pridefullness  is  something  that  makes  you  crawl  in  front  of  someone  superior. 

Übersetzen: Muhortova Natalie


5.799.     AR AR

The demand to hurry should be answered that it is better to spend a day on flight training and an hour to fly than to walk for three hours. This is the essence of the greatness of the human mind. The mind that knows the meaning of this idea is the mind that has attained enlightenment and rebirth from caterpillar to butterfly. Born to crawl can learn to fly, but it needs intelligence.

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5.219.     AR AR

Born to crawl is someone who lives within one point of view and leans on the ground with his whole body. Ordinary people lean on the ground with two legs and can perceive two opposite points of view. Those who can fly have learned three-dimensional thinking.

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3.231.     AR AR

The scarab is a symbol of wealth.  Watching the scarab, you will understand what money is, from what and how they are extracted.  Plenty of money.  Money is the unity of dust, love, ideas and shit.  Idea and shit, it's a metaphor for truth and lies.

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1392. Prisoners of a better future     AR AR

Of  course, 
on  the  top  step  of  the  stairs 
there  are  flying  angels, 
and  we're  -  things  of  squares 
born  to  crawl. 

It  does  not  suit  everyone… 

Übersetzen: Muhortova Natalie


393.   AR AR

Like a snail crawling to the top of Fujiyama, so do I
crawling ...who knows, really, where.

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Der Anfang des Buches

3.1109. Süßer Staub.     AR AR

Worin   ist   dein   Lebenssinn?   Bist   du   ein   Mistkäfer,   der   aus   dem   Staub   Bälle   rollt?   Oder   eine   Ameise,   die   auf   dem   Bau   von   dem   Ameisenhaufen   fixiert   ist?   Vielleicht   bist   du   eine   Biene,   die   ewig   vor   Freude   brummt,   und   Ansicht   macht,   als   ob   sie   arbeitet?   Hast   du   viele   Bälle   gerollt?   Viele   Ameisenhaufen   gebaut?   Hast   du   Vergnügen   immer   noch   nicht   genug?   Sag,   ob   du   glücklich   bist.  

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko


3.1499.     AR AR

Syntalismus   bittet   seinen   Anhängern   ein   Algorithmus   der   Wahrheit.   Wahrheit   ist   Kraft,   Geld   und   Macht.   Eine   geborene   Kriechkreatur   kann   Flügel   erwerben,   wenn   den   Algorithmus   ihres   Denkens   ändert.   Alles   ist   einfach,   entweder   du   wirst   dich   verbessern,   oder   du   wirst   fixiert   und   aus   der   Realität   ausgeworfen.   Rote   und   weiße   Pille,   eine   verwandelt   dich   zum   Eichhörnchen,   die   andere   in   einen   Menschen.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko