10.21999. The suppression of pride.     AR AR

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10.22004.     AR AR

Women intuitively gather for a long time to make their men wait.  Love is patient.  False love is pride, very impatient and aggressive.  Pride must be subdued in order to turn it into love.

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10.22006.     AR AR

When a man is proud and greedy for pleasure, he seeks sex from his woman, and the woman restricts his access to sex, she thus subdues pride and turns it into love.

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10.22007.     AR AR

When we subdue pride, we turn it into love.  When we subdue a lie, we turn it into truth.  Pride and lies are haste and impatience, making them wait, and by creating an extension in time, we turn them into love.

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10.22011.     AR AR

Distrust, doubt, and fear are facets of pride... if you subdue them and do the opposite, you will create love.  Love will fill you with the power to work miracles.

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10.22014.     AR AR

The more pride there is in a man, the more love there will be in him if pride can be subdued.

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10.22021.     AR AR

When pride is exhausted, it is subdued and transformed into love.  Also exhausted, suffering, lies, pain, etc.

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10.22057.     AR AR

By controlling your desires and fears, you subdue your pride and turn it into self-love, which means self-confidence and strength.

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10.22059.     AR AR

The inability to limit your pride breeds self-dislike and insecurity.

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10.22060.     AR AR

The healing power of hunger is that by quelling your pride, you awaken love, and love is a medicine and a miracle.

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10.22062.     AR AR

The poor in spirit are those who have subdued the hunger of their pride and thus found love.

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10.22063.     AR AR

Humility is love, because when you subdue pride, you turn it into love.

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10.22094.     AR AR

Be simple – it means tame your pride.  Humility is when everything is simple.  Greed, impatience, haste, and vanity complicate everything.

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10.22097. The suppression of time.     AR AR

Time is God.  Time is the devil.  Greed, impatience, and a thirst for power over time is pride and, therefore, the devil.  The humility of pride turns time into a God.  This way, you drive more quietly, and you will go further.  Cultivate patience and moderation.  Pride wants to run, but you need to slow it down.  Time wants to be, being is joyous.

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10.22125. Restrained beauty.     AR AR

The sense of taste is a sense of proportion.  The sense of taste is the humility of pride and the liberation from the bondage of greed and haste.

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3.168.     AR AR

Resignation   is   the   Holy   Grail   of   being.   Resignation   is   what   makes   love   and   faith   real.   An   absence   of   resignation   is   called   Arrogance.

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3.100.     AR AR

Fear   is   arrogance.   Resignation   knows   no   fear.

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3.64. Arrogance is war.     AR AR

Arrogance   is   idealism   and   дack   of   resignation   to   reality.   Arrogance   is   the   refusal   to   use   what   is   available.   Arrogance   is   the   declaration   of   war   to   reality.

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Der Anfang des Buches

3.588.     AR AR

Zeige   Demut   vor   dem   Gesetz.   Achte   das   Gesetz   und   Teufel   berührt   dich   nicht.   Teufel   ist   die   Polizei.   Hölle   ist   die   Strafe   für   Sünden.   Ich   erinnere   daran,   dass   die   Hauptsünden   Arroganz,   Lüge   und   Geiz   sind.   –   Und   was   mit   der   Mordtat?   Ein   Lügner   ist   Mörder,   er   tötet   Gott,   Gott   ist   die   Wahrheit.   Geizkragen   ist   Mörder,   er   tötet   Schönheit,   Gott   ist   Schönheit.   Arroganter   Mensch   ist   Mörder,   er   tötet   Demut,   Demut   ist   Liebe,   Liebe   ist   Gott.

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