10.21316.     AR AR

Zero is the joy of being, one is the joy of growth and service.  Ten is the integrity and unity of love.

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10.21336.     AR AR

Truth is what is called a perpetual motion machine.  Truth is an infinite source of energy, infinite scalability, and the ability to grow.  Other names of truth are beauty and perfection.

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10.21538.     AR AR

Start with the very simple and grow gradually to the complex.  You can't just start with the hard stuff and not fall down.  The colossus on clay feet is very unstable.  The smaller steps you start with, the stronger your growth will be.

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10.21553.     AR AR

Take a small one and grow it into a big one, too. remember the parable of the sower and the seed, so spread it wide and be prepared for the fact that many grains will not come up.

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10.21991.     AR AR

The system is due to the division within themselves is growing.  Multiplying through division, the system expands outward.

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10.22043.     AR AR

Zero because zero is always eating itself.  The system does not have an influx of information and energy from the outside world, and therefore it does not grow.

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10.22175. In search of light.     AR AR

Push the one who falls, because the grain of truth, trampled into the mud and mixed with shit, begins to grow.

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10.22251.     AR AR

Growth should be evaluated, growth is joyful.  Trying to estimate the distance to the end generates fear.

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10.22252. Be happy with what you have.     AR AR


The goal points us in the direction of growth.  However, we do not focus on the distance to the goal, but on what we have done and passed.


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10.22260.     AR AR

High self-esteem is necessary in order to grow.  Indeed, this situation generates pain and suffering, but they can be compensated for by the joy of growth.  People with even self-esteem lose the ability to grow.

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10.22265.     AR AR

Narcissus is a flower, so for happiness it needs to grow, the sun and fruitfulness. Deprived of heat and growth, the flower becomes depressed.

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10.22281. There is no limit to perfection.     AR AR

The best and the good differ in that the good can grow, but the best can no longer grow.  The best is the end and the creative dead end.

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10.22320. Imperfection is the joy of growth.     AR AR

The meaning of free will is that a person chooses his own goal (dream)  and begins to grow towards it, entering the path of improvement.  Initially, a person is perfect for their tasks, but choosing a new goal, they take a step into imperfection and get the opportunity to grow again, feeling the joy of endless growth.

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10.22322.     AR AR

The accumulation of critical mass in the system must occur simultaneously in time and space.  It is not enough to accumulate material entities, you need to accumulate time.  The average critical mass accumulation time for a system to detonate is five years.  The more material accumulated over five years, the stronger the growth will be.

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10.22331.     AR AR

The point is that if you stop growing, you will be whipped and you will feel very bad.  However, if you grow up and reach perfection, you will perish quickly enough, for perfection is death.  The solution is to grow as slowly as possible, stretching  pleasure.

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3.652.     AR AR

Personal growth is growth from grain to dream.  The grain is under a thick layer of fear, as under the ground.  With the help of knowledge of the truth, overcoming contradictions, the grain rushes to his dream, gradually overcoming his fear.

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3.521.     AR AR

If   a   system   is   restricted   from   growing   upwards,   it   will   grow   sideways.   If   you   restrict   it   from   growing   sideways,   it   will   grow   upwards.   If   you   restrict   it   from   growing   at   all,   it   will   bear   fruit.   Fruit   bearing   restricts   growth.

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3.511.     AR AR

The   point   of   growth   is   that   growth   is   falling   down.   Find   a   goal   for   falling   and   start   falling   into   the   future.   If   you   keep   still,   inertia   will   help   you   attain   any   goal.

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10.28.     AR AR

Only systematic planned actions lead to growth.  Remember how muscle growth occurs in the gym, just as there is the achievement of all other goals.

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Der Anfang des Buches

5.777. Baum.     AR AR

Vertikal   wachsen   ist   wunderschön,   horizontales   Wachstum   besorgt   aber   bei   der   Projektkostensteigerung   zwei-   bis   dreifach   den   zehnfachen   Gewinn.   Darin   ist   der   Sinn   der   Bäume   und   ihre   Kronen   und   Wurzeln.   Bäume,   Himmel   mit   Erde   verbindend,   wachsen   horizontal,   damit   den   Zugang   zu   großen   Energiereserven   bekommend.   Hauptgewinn   wird   nicht   vom   vertikalen,   sondern   vom   horizontalen   Wachsen   bekommen.

Übersetzen: Oksana Shevchenko