10.19924.     AR AR

The meaning of human life is to learn to kill time with joy and taste, regardless of external circumstances.  Good taste requires a lot of restraint from us, a minimum of overkill kills all joy.

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10.19695.     AR AR

The meaning of a person's life is to kill  God, but  God cannot be killed.  God must be killed constantly.  God is love and time, and he is constantly reborn.  To kill  You need to do it with feeling, sense, and placement, without haste, but with passion.  Who can kill  God, he himself will become equal to  God.  Zeus, son of Chronos, killed his father and became the first of the gods  Olympus.

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10.19688. God must be killed.     AR AR

The meaning of a person's life is to kill  God.  Man is an absolute killer who needs to kill an infinite amount of time.  God is time.  The point of playing and achieving goals is not to achieve these goals, but to kill time.  So the slower and more tasteful you are, the better.  There is no hurry in killing time.

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10.19605. Absolute killer.     AR AR

The point is that you are dead, and now you are sitting in the middle of a white sheet, thinking about how you can kill an infinite amount of time.  To kill an infinite amount of time, you will need a great sense of taste.  There is no hurry, on the contrary, you need to restrain yourself so that there is no overkill.

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10.18658.     AR AR

The meaning of the paradox is that it is time-bound.  Love is a classic paradox, no matter how much you kill love, it always comes back to life.

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10.10511.     AR AR

The most important material that life is made of is time.
What do you call the idle and wasteful? 
"A murderer."  This man killed God.

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10.19689.     AR AR

Push the falling one.  When you meet God, kill him.  Because God is time, by killing one second, you create the next second.  God is love that is eternally reborn.  God is a wave that is a particle that is infinitely created and destroyed.  The meaning of infinity is in motion.  As long as the cycle of death and rebirth continues, God will live forever.

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10.19692. Suicide.     AR AR

Man is an absolute killer, whose purpose in life is to kill  God.  God is the absolute, this is time, this is a blank white sheet.  Meeting  God, man kills him, but everything is God.  God kills himself with his own hands.  The absolute, infinitely divided, kills itself, but the more it kills itself, the more it becomes.

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10.19696. The killer is happy.     AR AR

The meaning of life is to kill endlessly  A God who cannot be killed, for he is infinitely reborn.  The killer is happy, the meaning of the killer's life is joy.  The killer kills  God and rejoices.  And here the problem is:  combine business with pleasure.  Overkill is very dangerous, you need to save your joy.  Take your time, less is better than more.  There is no hurry, on the contrary, the slower the better.  Time cannot be killed, but time can be tamed.  Time is pride.

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10.20776.     AR AR

God must be killed.  If God is killed, he will live forever…  If  God cannot be killed, then the cycle of rebirth will stop, and life will die.

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10.20923.     AR AR

Killing  God, you renew him, which means you give him life.

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10.20947.     AR AR

The more time you kill, the more time you will be given.  Time does not tolerate haste.  The essence of killing time is the renewal of life, that is, immortality.

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10.21032.     AR AR

What's the hurry?  Our goal is to kill time with taste, haste is all greed.  There is an infinite amount of time, and there is no need to waste it on entertainment that kills us.  You can amuse yourself by choosing the hardest and longest path, encouraging yourself with the philosophical idea that you go more quietly, you will go further.  Normal heroes always go around.

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10.22095.     AR AR

God is good because he allows you to kill yourself every second.  God is time.  Your whole life is an act of killing God, and you should be grateful to him for it.  When you die, God gives you life.  Having died for you, God wants you to live and be happy.

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10.22121.     AR AR

Pride is associated with greed and haste.  Thus, the proud man is a malicious poacher who kills time.  You can't kill time so fast.  The slower you kill time, the better.

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10.22294.     AR AR

The point is, you're killing God anyway.  Your food is God.  Your time is God.  Therefore, the slower you kill God, the better.  Therefore, the more profitably you kill God, the better.  Therefore, take your time and try to take joy out of life, so that God does not die for nothing because of you.

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Der Anfang des Buches

3.588.     AR AR

Zeige   Demut   vor   dem   Gesetz.   Achte   das   Gesetz   und   Teufel   berührt   dich   nicht.   Teufel   ist   die   Polizei.   Hölle   ist   die   Strafe   für   Sünden.   Ich   erinnere   daran,   dass   die   Hauptsünden   Arroganz,   Lüge   und   Geiz   sind.   –   Und   was   mit   der   Mordtat?   Ein   Lügner   ist   Mörder,   er   tötet   Gott,   Gott   ist   die   Wahrheit.   Geizkragen   ist   Mörder,   er   tötet   Schönheit,   Gott   ist   Schönheit.   Arroganter   Mensch   ist   Mörder,   er   tötet   Demut,   Demut   ist   Liebe,   Liebe   ist   Gott.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko