10.8423.     AR AR

Doubts whisper, " there is no Hope."  The mind responds: "Everything changes, time cannot be stopped."  Doubts whisper, " Hope is nothing."  The mind answers them: "the less, the more chances."

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10.9761.     AR AR

Persuasion is just a habit.  Take a blank sheet of paper and write 100 times your new belief... So you will create your new habit.

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10.9791.     AR AR

If you feel a harmful desire, humbly refuse it.  Take a deep breath, count to three, and say No to yourself.  Learn to say "No", accept the pain and fear that these" No " generate.

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10.10612.     AR AR

For all the negative talk: "I know", and therefore came prepared.  I have nothing to fear, nothing to be angry about.  I have a clear plan for what I should do.

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10.11229. Ding.     AR AR

If you want to concentrate quickly, repeat several times: Ding, Ding, Ding.  This will attract attention and focus all your feelings, allowing you to focus your attention, to overcome fear, anger or laziness.

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10.11492.     AR AR

Decisions are made not by you, but by your subconscious, so talk yourself into it.  Say to yourself: come on, you can.  Please, let's do this!  Be polite to yourself.

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10.13136. So be it.     AR AR

Self-confidence is a belief in your purpose to fulfill your mission.  "Yes, I can!"- says the man.  Says and does.

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10.17577.     AR AR

As soon as you start to be silenced by doubts and suspicions of yourself in mistakes, you need to repeat like a mantra: "Everything is good, everything is good, everything is good.  I did everything right.  It's all right."

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10.18686. Golden guide.     AR AR

Hope should be protected by humility, so that it is not killed by disappointment and burnout.  Hope is the conduit through which energy flows from love to faith.  Faith is the power of movement.  You will run out of energy, you will fall down without strength.  Tell yourself, I know everything, there is no hope, hope is a lie and an illusion.  Hope is the guiding star that gives me the strength to live.  I will never reach it, but I will faithfully follow it all my life.

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10.20293.     AR AR

Focus on what you need to do now, not how much you need to do.  Say to yourself, " I have to do this now»  and do it.

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10.20310.     AR AR

You need to manage yourself using self-training.  Repeat the necessary commands dozens and hundreds of times and execute them.

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10.20311. Tell yourself.     AR AR

Useful commands for auto-training.  It's okay.  I did everything right.  Don't think about it.  Focus on  Now.  To think about the future or the past is pride.  Don't judge.  Don't create an idol for yourself.  Love your neighbor.  Don't lie.  Don't kill me.  Restrain your hunger.  God is good.  Good  To be.

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10.20345. Meditation of thought.     AR AR

Enlightenment is achieved through meditation  Thoughts.  You should close your eyes and repeat the thought to yourself a thousand times.  For example, the following thought is useful:"I am, and therefore I am the truth."  The truth  perfect and joyful.

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10.21218.     AR AR

Self-confidence comes from the firmness of your desires.  Nothing can shake my determination to achieve my goal, you tell yourself.  The achievability of my goal depends only on me, and I will not give up until I have done everything possible.

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10.21713.     AR AR

I hadn't run for a long time, and it was only when I started running that I felt pain, but the pain was joyous to me.  "It's good for me to get used to the pain,"I thought," it will increase my stamina and give me strength."  In anticipation of future strength, I happily ran forward.

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10.21905.     AR AR

Tell yourself:  "I want it now»... and do it.  Anything is possible now.

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10.21959.     AR AR

You don't have to deny fear, you have to accept it and tell it:  "You're good, you're doing everything right."  If you suddenly become a reality, it will be useful in some ways.

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Der Anfang des Buches

7.1713. Ablenken der Aufmerksamkeit von der Angst.     AR AR

Man   kann   sich   von   der   Angst   ablenken,   wenn   man   seine   Aufmerksamkeit   zu   anderen   Tätigkeiten,   Gesprächen,   anderen   Aufgaben   umschaltet.   Z.B.   vor   dem   Ereignis,   welches   man   befürchtet,   kannst   du   Sport   machen,   in   einer   starken   Pose   meditieren,   jemand   sprechen,   Verhandlungen   führen   oder   shoppen   gehen.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko