10.19248.     AR AR

To learn to say no, you need to learn to love yourself.  Say " no»  this is a great pleasure, an act of love for yourself and your time.

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10.19212.     AR AR

Your inability to say no»  it comes from fear.  You are dependent on someone else's approval and you can't bear someone else's disapproval.

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10.19188.     AR AR

You can't say No because you love yourself too much, and you can't bear the thought of someone thinking bad of you.  Accept your other half and say no.

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10.18976.     AR AR

There is no trial.  Don't be afraid to say "no", the consequences are only "Yes".  Judge " no»  only the proud can, but stay away from them.

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10.18641.     AR AR

Learn to listen to yourself and just not do what you don't want to do.  The results of this action will be very strange and unpredictable, but it will allow you to gain materiality.

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10.18480. Trust your gut.     AR AR

When you say no, just say it:  "I don't want to, my intuition tells me that I don't need to.  What you are suggesting is not in line with my plans.  I don't have time for this."

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10.18479.     AR AR

Don't be afraid to say "I don't want to."  Courage is when you speak  "I want to»  or " I don't want to."  Courage comes from honesty.  Be honest.  Honesty is joyous.

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10.19324.     AR AR

Say " no»  it is, first and foremost, to say "no»  your pride.  Moderate your Ego, it will break the chains of bondage of your fears.

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10.19915.     AR AR

Unnecessary is all that does not correspond to the tasks that a person implements.

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10.19927.     AR AR

Just say No»  ... Don't think about anything, don't judge anything.  Just say No if you can.  "Yes»  you should speak only when you really want to, in all other cases you should say "No".

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10.20034.     AR AR

No, I don't want to.  I just don't want to, so I won't.

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10.20098. Thrifty slave.     AR AR

Take care of your money, especially if it's someone else's money.  You are a slave, you have nothing of your own, this money belongs to your master, your dream, your love.  You promised all your time to your love.  Money is time…  Don't give anyone a second.

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10.20139.     AR AR

Should I give up if I lose? 
"No," I said.

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10.20563.     AR AR

Say politely " no»  you can keep silent.  Silence is a polite refusal.

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10.20589.     AR AR

Remember, you don't have to say Yes to a person if you want to please them.  Many people really like being told No.  "No»  it awakens in people cheerfulness, love of life and hunting excitement.

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10.20777.     AR AR


In spite of everything, I will look to the future with hope.  Doubt whispers, hope is a lie…  Doubts are depressing and want to kill my faith.  Faith is a movement.  "Stop!»  - shouts despondency... And I answer:  "NO!»


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Der Anfang des Buches

3.1371.     AR AR

Verstand   ist   irrational,   denn   er   kann   im   Unterschied   zu   Tieren   auf   Vergnügen   verzichten,   aufgrund   logischer   Gedanken   handelnd.   Tiere   sind   Sklaven   ihrer   Wünsche.   Verstand   ist   von   der   Angst   geschaffen.

Übersetzen: Oxana Shevchenko