10.12549. Shitty philosophy.     AR AR

In fact, pride is when you think you're shit.  Greed is the desire to get hold of shit.  Envy is the desire for someone else's shit.  Anger is intolerance of other people's shit.  Gluttony is the desire to get fat (overeat) with shit.  Lust is the desire to get into shit and dominate it.  Laziness (apathy and despondency) is a situation where shit is mixed with shit and everyone around you considers it shit, in fact, it is pride.

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10.16989. I'm shit, and who are you?     AR AR

I am shit and very proud of it, because shit is a great fertilizer on which the seeds of life and virtue grow.

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10.17872.     AR AR

Anyone who isn't shit here can throw their shit at me.  Pathos is a lie... I'm not pathetic, I'm as full of shit as you are…

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10.18234.     AR AR

What is complacency?  The arrogance of a dung beetle, proud of the greatness of its ball of shit.  Be honest at least with yourself, your pride is a wavering illusion, a morning mist that will be blown away by the wind by noon.

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10.18241.     AR AR

Friends, let's be honest, individually we are all small piles of useless shit, but when we get together in one big pile, we will become strong.  A big pile of shit is already a business for the production of fuel, gas, fertilizers and all sorts of other different nishtyak.  Fertilizers are productive by nature, and fuel will give us strength.

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10.18242.     AR AR

What makes us separate?  Pride!  Every single pile of shit thinks it's special, and it separates us, and it weakens us.  So let us, brothers and sisters, leave our complacency and join in love.  Love connects.  Love is  The God of this world.  The people with whom God is with are invincible.

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10.18244. Life is shit, and that means shit is fine.     AR AR

So you're saying, shit... shit…  You don't like shit.  But what's wrong with a pile of shit?  You have a couple of pounds in you.  shit.  You are a machine  for the production of shit.  When you die, you'll be a pile of shit.  Everything you create will also become a pile of shit sooner or later.  Shit is great  The God of this world, which is called  Nothing.  All our being is a creation  Nothing.

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10.18519.     AR AR

First, you have to accept that you are shit.  Second, you should realize that being shit is good, shit is a symbol of life.  Life starts with shit, life is shit, and life ends with shit.

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10.18527.     AR AR

Don't stick like a fly to shit.  Vices are specially made to separate the grain from the chaff and prevent idiots from entering the Kingdom of heaven.

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10.21459.     AR AR

The inferiority complex says:  "I'm bad, they're good."  Delusions of grandeur whispers:  "I'm good, they're bad."  True, as always, in the middle.  You are all the same piles of shit that are all worth each other.

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10.21528.     AR AR

God is also a lot of shit, because God is everything.

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10.21730.     AR AR

The bad thing is not that there is shit in a person, but that he is a liar and denies his shit... or when the person has completely become shit.

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10.21967.     AR AR

In any case, you should look for the good, not the bad.  There is bad in everything, you don't need to look for it, there is shit in every ass... but this is not a reason to stick your nose in every ass.

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10.21969.     AR AR

The idea that there are bad options is inherently flawed, everything is good... if you do it and love it.  You can go to the shittiest job as a free slave and grow up in the very cosmos.

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10.22175. In search of light.     AR AR

Push the one who falls, because the grain of truth, trampled into the mud and mixed with shit, begins to grow.

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10.22301.     AR AR

No ... the truth that  she wants people to believe in her, it's not the truth, it's just some shit.  The real truth didn't give a shit whether you believed it or not.  Real power is an all-consuming power that nothing can resist.

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Der Anfang des Buches

3.1466. Wie geht es, einen guten Job zu finden?     AR AR

Ganz   ehrlich   zu   sein,   weiß   ich   nicht.   Man   hat   mich   nicht   sogar   auf   die   Schwelle   der   guten   Arbeit   zugelassen.   Geschlossene   Türen,   Wächter,   selbstverständlich,   keine   Maus   schlüpft   rein.   Manchmal   fand   ich   einen   Scheißjob   und   daraus   Schokolade   machte.   Manchmal   geriet   ich   mit   Hilfe   der   Lüge   durch   geschlossene   Türen   wie   eine   Fliege,   dabei   die   Möglichkeitsfenster   suchend.      Einmal   habe   ich   verstanden,   ein   guter   Job   ist   ein   bewachtes   Haus,   worin   ein   Haufen   Mücken   und   Fliegen   sich   andrängt.   Und   natürlich   verteidigt   man   gegen   aufdringliche   Mücken   wie   ich.   Fangen,   Hindernisse,   Webnetzen,   Klebestoffbänder   für   Fliegen,   verschiedene   Pestizide,   die   Insekte   töten.   Das   System   kann   betrogen   werden,   es   ist   aber   ein   solcher   Hämorrhoidalknoten.   Im   Endbeschluss   habe   ich   entschieden,   mein   eigenes   Haus   bauen.   Mein   Haus   ist   das   beste   und   ich   mag   es   sehr.   Die   Arbeit,   die   ich   selbst   erfunden   habe   und   für   mich   geschafft,   ist   die   beste   Arbeit   in   der   Welt.

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