Das Universum






356.   AR AR


Taking   into   account   that   matter   is   information   about   the   form   and   structure   of   energy   and   the   fact   that   the   universe   expands   …there   can   be   drawn   a   conclusion   that   the   Universe   is  an   artificial   intelligence   system   that   endlessly   accumulates   information   and   hence   expands…


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3.92.     AR AR

Interesting.  Expansion  of  the  universe  after  the  big  bang  and  aiming  of  the  order  to  chaos  are  evidently  the  same  processes.  Creation  of  the  universe  is  basically  destruction  of  it.

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3.93. After the explosion.     AR AR

Degradation  can  go  on  and  on  and  the  very  fact  that  our  universe  exists  proves  it.

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3.443.     AR AR

The dualism of the wave and corpuscular nature of light is due to the fact that in a positive wave a quantum is created and a particle exists, and in a negative wave a particle is destroyed and energy is released.  That is, a particle is created and destroyed, created and destroyed.

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412.     AR AR

Hear   the   hum   of   the   Universe   -
countless   bees   …   the   children   of   it   -
turn   a   wheel   of   life...

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3.461. Perpetual motion.     AR AR

The wave structure of being is something like a taut bowstring or cocking a spring. 

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476.     AR AR

The   Universe   consists   of   zeroes   and   sometimes   of   ones.

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1096.     AR AR

The   Universe   is   a   big   self-teaching   system,   the   goal   of   existence   of   which   is   about   betterment   and   creation   of   new   forms   of   information.   Thus,   there   are   mechanisms   which   fulfil   this   goal.

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677. Axiom of Eggs and Chicken [In brevi]     AR AR

Here   comes   an   interesting   conclusion   about   one-moment   existence   of   everything   and   every   thing.
Everything   -   the   Universe,   time   and   space   exist   in   a   single   close   moment,   inside   which   there   already   exists   its   relative   time,   like   a   point   in   a   system   of   coordinates.

In   essence,   the   understanding   of   this   mechanism   helps   to   understand   the   concept   of   an   endless   point   inside   which   there   exists   a   huge   Universe…
The   question   is   only   in   the   effectiveness   of   codes   in   the   energy   of   information   about   its   structure…

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3.442.     AR AR

The essence of the wave is the spring and the accumulation of kinetic energy of time.  In the negative half-wave time, like a spring, is inhibited and energy accumulates due to destruction, in the positive half-wave stored energy creates an explosive effect. 

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10.6969.     AR AR

To create the universe, it must be destroyed.  To create a new self, the old self must be destroyed. 

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709. [In brevi]     AR AR

Anything   that   once   was   created   will   live   forever.   It's   only   the   shell   that   can   be   ruined,   but   the   inner   essence   will   exist.   What's   more   the   same   goes   with   everything   else:   people,   things   and   even   thoughts.   The   Universe   is   information   and   this   information   is   saving.

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10.5515.     AR AR

Energy, form, time.  Form enslaves energy, and time frees energy.  Form is space limited by time.

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752. [In brevi]     AR AR

An   absolute   point.   The   point   where   one   moment   exists.

When   in   a   single   moment   there   exists   all   time   and   when   in   a   single   point   there   exists   all   space.That's   approximately   what   our   Universe   looks   like   from   side.

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10.5514.     AR AR

The real world is energy limited by form.  Form is an entity limited by time.

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941.     AR AR

On  a  spacetime  scale  many  things  seem  really  tiny. 

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10.5224. Nothing and Nothing.     AR AR

There is only energy and information.  Information is an illusion.  But I'm telling you, there's nothing but Nothing and information.  Energy is also an illusion.

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10.4964.     AR AR

Chaos consists of order. Chaos is a lot of order. The greater the order, the greater the chaos ... Chaos is a superorder.

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2278. Every person should control feelings.     AR AR

People  tend  to  be  self-destructive.  The  Universe  tends  to  fall  to  pieces. 

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3.173. A one million light years step.     AR AR

Quantum  leap  technology  allows  to  fold  universe  into  a  point,  a  ball...  a  big  ball...  a  medium  sized  ball  and  then  unfold  it  back.

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3246. The balance.     AR AR

The   Universe   of   existence   and   nonexistence.

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3.413.     AR AR

Although you are terribly afraid of uncertainty, it must be admitted that uncertainty does not exist.  Chance is an illusion and a lie.

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3.414.     AR AR

The universe is vain, it grows and does not want to stop.

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3.415.     AR AR

Black matter is the realization of the wave principle of creation. 

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3.421.     AR AR

Chaos is a very fast movement, it allows the chaos to save and accumulate a huge amount of energy that can be removed, it slowed down, turning to the right.

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3.428.     AR AR

Order does not do anything special, except that it causes chaos to move not chaotically, but according to certain algorithms.  Created algorithms.  The order is a information, giving chaos form.

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3.434.     AR AR

What is creation?  Self-destruction? 

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3.437. Slow down.     AR AR

It just seems like the order increases the speed, in fact, it reduces it, but gives it a vector.  The speed of chaos is higher than order, but it is random and has no purpose.  Order is the purpose and inhibition of chaos.

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3.440.     AR AR

Chaos is the highest form of order.  Chaos adult corporado.  A more simplified and delayed form of chaos is called order.  Order does not collapse into chaos, it grows into it.  Chaos, on the contrary, is destroyed in order.

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3.444.     AR AR

The nature of time has the same nature of dualism as light.  Time is both a particle of matter and a radiation of energy.  An ultra-high-frequency oscillation, where every moment our world is destroyed and created anew.

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3.459.     AR AR

The   smaller   the   substance,   the   more   it   has   tension   and,   consequently,   energy   in   it.

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10.22219.     AR AR

Time and space are one in the sense that space is the result of the disintegration of the one-dimensional essence of time into a three-dimensional essence. In the process of this decay, energy is released from which our world is created.

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10.22218.     AR AR

Time and space is a system of form and content, where space is information and time is energy.

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10.22206. The electric spirit pierces the darkness.     AR AR

Combining the point of view of religion and physics, we can say that the God who created our universe, it was a quantum fluctuation of the energy field that gave energy to the debt of our universe.  With this money, our universe was built, and then the debt was paid and God went on to create new universes.  In fact, God is a wandering energy field.

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10.22215.     AR AR

What is time?  The process of expanding the past at the expense of energy coming from the future, that is, from outside.  Does the universe grow like this?  Time and space are identical entities, so we can assume that the expansion of the universe occurs in a similar way.  The universe is a system that absorbs energy from the outside, and so expands by dividing into internal forms.

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Der Anfang des Buches

5.773.     AR AR

Geld   im   Weltall   ist   soviel   wie   Schmutz.   Geld   ist   ein   Produkt   der   Energieverwandlung   aus   einer   Form   in   die   andere   durch   die   Bewegung.   Anfangsenergieformen   sin   Zeit,   Wasserstoff   und   Wasser.   Wie   du   verstehst,   dieses   Gut   im   Weltall   ist   viel,   so   wenn   es   dir   am   Geld   mangelt,   geht   es,   wahrscheinlich,   nicht   ums   Geld.  

Übersetzen: Oksana Shevchenko