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9.930.     AR AR

Depression  reduces  the  immunity  causing  hundreds  of  other  diseases  in  the  organism. 

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4.4170. What is wrong with fear (suspiciousness, paranoia)?.     AR AR

Fear is the same stress. Fear has an extremely negative effect on the immune and hormonal system, provoking a whole bunch of diseases, ranging from allergies to stroke or even cancer.

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5.2484.     AR AR

Excesses, vices and fears Deplete the immune system, and it becomes unable to keep track of cancer and cancer kills a person. The lack of fears and vices leave the immune system without work, and it is to celebrate defeating all the enemies, begins to look for enemies invented, and kills the organism.

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5.2445. Allergic to fear.     AR AR

The balance of health in the body destroys fear. Fear, affecting the nervous system, shakes the endocrine system and depletes the immune system, as a result, a person dies from cancer, heart attack or Allergy to life.

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6.5171. The cause of cancer is fear and anger.     AR AR

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6.6115.     AR AR

Cancer is a disease of idealists, idealists are greedy, everything is not enough for them, they are always looking for the best and are not happy with everything. So and disease cancer there is the lack of restraint in growth.

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3.418. Neurosis is an early stage of cancer.     AR AR

Cancer is a product of neurosis and fear, and therefore its causes, not its effects, must be treated. 

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5.2393.     AR AR

What kills a man is what protects him. The body's immune system is programmed to destroy the individual when certain conditions occur. These conditions are associated with the accumulation of mutations and cancer cells. The system is duplicated on three sides. Species die either from the cancer or it kills the immune system, or immune system is turned off and then kills the cold.
The triple containment system works in such a way that as long as the balance is maintained, the system lives, the imbalance causes the death of the organism.

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9.344.     AR AR

A  miracle  is  very  effective  for  treating  a  wide  variety  of  diseases.  The  Faith  and  the  Miracle  inspire,  give  hope  and  cheer  up,  which  provides    the  immune  system  with  additional  energy  and  allows  it  to  defeat  even  the  most  hopeless  illnesses.

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5.2396.     AR AR

The conflict between cancer and the immune system is such that if cancer wins, a person will die of cancer, and if the immune system wins, the cause of death will be autoimmune diseases.

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5.962.     AR AR

It is clear that Cancer is lying and trying to deceive the immune system, but he does not always deceive her, and deceives only when the immune system is blinded by something and distracted. Usually distracts nervous system stress (aka fear), and dazzles sugar and its derivatives, including alcohol.

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3.419.     AR AR

Cancer   is   the   disease   of   arrogance   and   idealism.   Resignation   and   meditation   are   a   great   agent   for   preventing   cancer   and   many   other   heinous   diseases.

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5.1559.     AR AR

Cancer is a normal state of a healthy body, the essence of life and health is to contain cancer. While the body successfully restrains it, it is healthy and resists other diseases. If the cancer is defeated completely, other diseases are activated. If the cancer is released, it will grow and devour the body. However, this mechanics of restraint and intemperance is characteristic of all other diseases.

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9.343. Immunity support.     AR AR

Bad  mood  and  depression  consume  a  lot  of  energy  and  reduce  absorption  and  influx  of  energy  from  outside.  That  is,  the  worse  your  mood  is,  the  less  energy  remains  in  your  organism.  So  what  does  this  mean?

The  lack  of  energy  in  the  organism  has  an  effect  on  immunity,  and  the  less  energy  the  immunity  has,  the  worse  it  works.  Which  is  very  bad  for  health.

When  you  are  ill,  it  is  very  important  for  you  to  keep  up  the  inspiration  and  good  mood,  this  will  provide  immunity  with  additional  energy  and  allow  it  to  fight  the  disease  more  effectively.

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3.904.     AR AR

Lack of humility will kill you.  You'll get angry and break everything.  Anger will drain your nervous and immune system and break you down.  Your pride will bring ruin.

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10.2760.     AR AR

Cancer is the result of severe strain, such as stress, which has destabilized the immune and hormonal systems.

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9.345. Mechanics of decay.     AR AR

The  mechanics  of  the  effect  of  a  bad  mood  on  immunity  can  be  the  following.  Bad  mood,  panic,  fear  are  the  regimes  that  make  the  brain  to  think  actively  about  something  and  consume  a  lot  of  energy,  which  takes  valuable  energy  from  the  immunity,  weakening  it.

On  the  other  hand,  depression  and  despondency  are  the  regimes  in  which  the  organism  ceases  or  reduces  the  intake  of  energy  from  external  sources,  thereby  reducing  the  total  available  level  of  energy  within  itself,  which  is  also  bad  for  immunity.

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10.6648.     AR AR

Especially well from cancer and other deadly diseases saves a favorite job or the presence of a mission in life.

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9.375.     AR AR

For  millions  of  years,  the  immune  system  was  the  only  medicine  of  human,  protecting  him  from  a  legion  of  diseases.  And  it  must  be  said,  it  was  an  effective  medicine.  The  armies  of  immunity  reliably  protected  the  human  health.

The  amount  of  energy  available  to  immunity  influences  the  effectiveness  of  immunity.  The  less  energy,  the  more  often  a  person  is  ill.  More  energy  allows  immunity  to  defeat  even  the  most  dreadful  diseases.

The  amount  of  energy  in  the  organism  can  be  reduced  by:  bad  mood,  despondency,  depression,  fear,  worries,  bad  food,  overwork,  nervous  exhaustion,  etc.

The  amount  of  energy  in  the  organism  can  be  increased  by:  good  mood,  laughter,  love,  relaxation,  rest,  good  food,  absence  of  mental  activity  and  tension,  absence  of  fears,  glucose,  adrenaline  rush  into  the  blood.

The  more  energy  the  immunity  has,  the  more  chances  it  has  to  defeat  the  disease.

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10.6863.     AR AR

Two hours before bedtime, you should stop any communication and watching TV.  Try to do this before going to bed and after waking up.

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9.376. Mechanics of the influence of rest on the patient`s recovery.     AR AR

Rest  is  the  state  of  reducing  energy  expenditure  on  brain  work  and  physical  activity.  The  brain  under  stress  conditions  consumes  up  to  20%  of  the  organism's  energy,  the  movement  takes  another  25%.  If  one  removes  fear  and  slows  down  the  brain,  this  will  save  up  to  15%  of  energy,  plus  energy  of  movement.  All  this  allows  to  redirect  an  additional  30%  of  the  organism's  energy  in  order  to  help  immunity.  At  rest,  one  should  sleep  more,  move  less  and  avoid  negative  emotions.

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10.5517.     AR AR

It is not pain that must be conquered, but the fear of pain, and pain must be accepted.  Resignation to pain is victory over fear.

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4.2723. Immunity is the will to live.     AR AR

Life rests on the will to live and hope. The loss of the will to live and hope turns off the immune system and the person dies. Fear can create a thirst for death, and therefore the will to live is lost.

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6.2508.     AR AR

Meditation   gives   us   the   strength   to   gain   power   over   our   own   body,   cleansing   it   of   superfluous   passions,   emotions   and   feelings.   Pain   and   fear   are   especially   harmful   for   the   soul.  

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4.2729.     AR AR

Disappointment leads to a loss of will to live that destroys the immune system, destroys the health of any business. It's because you can't dream right.

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4.2. Meditation of the solar plexus.     AR AR

Deep   breathing   focused   on   the   solar   plexus   is   good   for   all   kinds   of   stupid   thoughts   and   superfluous   emotions.

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9.94. The nature of allergy.     AR AR

If  the  immunity  has  nothing  to  fight  with,  it  starts  to  search  and  invent  enemies  to  itself,  right  up  to  the  fact  that  it  starts  to  fight  with  its  own  organism  or  with  something  that  was  not  earlier  its  enemy,  for  example,  with  the  pollen  of  plants.  The  cause  of  allergies  and  immune  diseases  is  the  excessive  cleanliness  and  dysbiotic  medicines  used  by  a  human.

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6.1290.     AR AR

Close   your   eyes,   take   a   long,   deep   breath   for   8   seconds,   hold   your   breath   for   8   seconds   and   pause   for   another   4   seconds.   Repeat   three   times.

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10.5274.     AR AR

Fear comes from not knowing the world.  Knowledge of the world fear kills and the world becomes beautiful.

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2336. Lack of immunity.   AR AR

Effective only what is rarely used.

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