10.20470. A man with a stupid dream.     AR AR

Of course, my desire to get  The Nobel prize is pure pride and vanity.  But at the same time it was a great motivator that allowed you to start a long journey, which resulted in true love and created a huge number of wonderful things.  Moreover, this path itself was wonderful and joyful.  Remember the saying about every soldier who had to have a Marshal's baton in his backpack.  It is not a fact that each of us will become a Marshal, but the idea itself has generated a lot of different useful effects.

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10.12081. Humility and freedom.     AR AR

To gain freedom, you need a huge unfulfilled desire.  I want the Nobel prize, and I'll never get it, and that's why I'm a loser.  I should accept that I am a failure, but not give up the goal.  Having been able to move towards my goals without hoping to achieve results, I found freedom.

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10.14273. A bad dream.     AR AR

The Nobel prize itself is a bad dream, because it is an ode to vanity, but if you sublimate the prophet into a useful channel, for example, finding the truth, the root cause, improvement, creating hundreds of books, a cure for neurosis, pride, and a Legion of other diseases...  all this becomes like the truth.  Vice is an energy that needs to be sublimated into a socially useful channel.

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10.20469.     AR AR

Setting a goal to get  The Nobel prize, I didn't limit myself to time.  If it doesn't work in this life, we'll finish it in the next.

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10.20691.     AR AR

I want to  The Nobel prize, and I'll get it!  – And if you don't get it?"  It doesn't matter, I'll still want her!  My resolve will not be broken by any resistance.  Rejection won't make me back down and stop wanting.  Does the water recede from the shore because it doesn't give up?

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10.21219.     AR AR

A properly set goal is a determination to do everything possible and impossible, and then come what may.  I want to  The Nobel prize and, therefore, I am determined to do everything possible from me to become worthy of my goal.

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10.21492. Moral compensation.     AR AR

I've never even been given a certificate of participation in my entire life…  so I want to go right away  The Nobel prize.

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10.21945.     AR AR

I want to  I will not cry if I don't get the Nobel prize... but I will still want and strive to get it.  True hope is always reborn, no matter how much you crucify it on the cross.

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10.22044.     AR AR

To   hell   with   the   Nobel   prize,   I'm   ready   to   wait   for   it,   endlessly   having   some   stable   position   with   a   salary   and   housing   attached   to   it.   Theoretically,   the   book   "Variothoughts"   could   be   written   forever,   given   the   inexhaustibility   of   the   truth,   but   I   am   constantly   plagued   by   financial   and   housing   issues.   Eight   years   of   making   money   out   of   thin   air   by   devoting   all   your   time   to   writing   a   book,   but   is   this   fortune   permanent?

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