10.8262. Generosity.   AR AR

People are stupid, you should forgive them all the stupid things they might think about you.

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10.8194.   AR AR

What is the difference between Masturbation and anal sex? 
- Anal sex is a team game, and Masturbation is a single workout.

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10.8193. Pleasure is also a result.   AR AR

Anal sex is a situation where the plan went wrong and everything went through the ass.  Now, when there is no result, it remains to enjoy the process and hope for the best.

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9.1226.   AR AR

To  love  what  is  yours  is  the  safest  of  all.  You  risk  getting  beaten  for  loving  what  is  not  yours.

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8.6463.   AR AR

The analysis should be done deep into at least two or three steps, for example, all people are descended from Adam and eve, who had three sons... In the second step, we have to agree with Darwin that these three didn't have very many options...

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8.5764.   AR AR

The   right   answer   to   the   question      «Who   came   first   -   a   chicken   or   an   egg?»   is   the   following:   Eggs   came   first,   as   God   created   Adam   first.

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8.3740.   AR AR

Swollen with self-satisfaction, a man can easily crack if he just farts badly.

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7.4368.   AR AR

I  have  managed  to  prove  God’s  existence.  –  How?  –  He  told  me  himself.  –  Did  you  believe  him?  –  God  is  truth,  how  could  I  not  believe  him?  Only  the  stupid  do  not  believe  in  truth.

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7.1082.   AR AR

According to statistics, most people lie more often than not. That's why statistics can't be trusted.

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6.5584.   AR AR

Creation by omission is when you keep yourself from having to bother creating their stupidity.

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5.2766.   AR AR

Afraid of angels and demons? Afraid of birds and snakes? "That's cowardice. A real macaque, catching an angel or a demon, rejoices in them as a delicacy.

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9.473.   AR AR

As now sold external flash drives, so soon the sale will be external brains. But they will be sold badly, because why do they need additional brains? They don't use their own at all.

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4.399.   AR AR

They can't create a perpetual motion machine because they don't have a perpetual motion brake. Now, if they started to invent a perpetual brake, perpetual motion would have made them out of inertia.

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