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9.44. Love and hope.   AR AR

In  order  to  start  moving  towards  success,  you  need  hope  but  in  order  to  achieve  success  hope  should  die.  You  will  succeed  when  you  start  acting  in  the  full  conviction  that  you  won't  manage  to  do  anything.  But  it  won't  bother  you  anymore  as  your  main  motive  will  be  love  and  you'll  simply  have  to  do  what  you  do...

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3.148. The web of life.   AR AR

The   art   of   it   is   to   hang   on   a   thin   hair   over   an   abyss   without   being   afraid.

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3.153.   AR AR

Resignation   is   finding   out   you   don’t   have   to   wait   for   anything.   Do   what   you   have   to   and   come   what   may.   Do   good   and   throw   it   into   the   water.   Your   job   is   to   do   your   job   and   NOT   to   wait,   hope   or   be   afraid.

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3.154.   AR AR

Humility is the courage to work with what is now, not stand in a stupor, suffering that everything is bad.

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3.170. Resignation is stoutness.   AR AR

Resignation   to   pain   is   the   only   way   to   overcome   pain   and   to   keep   moving.   Otherwise,   pain   and   fear   will   stop   you.

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3.183.   AR AR

Light and inconsequential, which resists strongly the passage itself, there is something obviously valuable, what is worth a closer look.  If the randomness of chaos stood on the defensive – it's a good sign that somewhere near there is a treasure.

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3.201.   AR AR

Do   good   and   throw   it   in   the   water   is   a   metaphor   for   a   river   flowing   into   the   sea.   Single   things   like   a   stone   thrown   in   the   water   generate   just   a   splash.   Permanent   things   are   more   prominent.

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3.196.   AR AR

If you see temptation, close your eyes.  If you see fear, close your eyes.  Saw reason for anger-close your eyes.

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3.204.   AR AR

Bridges for a need burn, because you're running from plague, water plague will stop.  Diseases are afraid of water.

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3.205.   AR AR

What is encouraged is that no – no. 

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3.210.   AR AR

To let go of the situation is not to give up everything, but it means to step aside a little, stop twitching and angry, while maintaining attention to the situation.

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3.212.   AR AR

When   a   farmer   sows,   he   should   remember   that   part   of   the   seeds   will   fall   by   the   path   and   won't   grow..Bystanders   aren't   interested   in   the   truth.   Part   of   the   seeds   will   fall   among   thorns,   it's   about   those   whose   souls   are   damaged   by   the   vice   But   part   of   the   seeds   will   fall   on   a   fertile   soil   and   produce   a   crop   above   and   beyond   the   lost   by   the   path   and   among   thorns.

Přeložit: Varvara Uchevatkina


3.215. A liar.   AR AR

You   know   and   you   do   nothing?   In   that   case,   you   do   not   know.   Truth   engenders   faith,   and   faith   is   the   greatest   source   of   strength   in   this   world.   You   are   a   liar   –   you   know   only   the   shape   but   you   have   no   unity   outside   and   inside   you.   Superficial   knowledge   is   lie.

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3.218.   AR AR

Lie   is   always   the   easy   way   and   truth   the   hard   one.   Lie,   however,   is   always   worse   than   truth,   yet   it   tries   to   look   better   than   love.   As   a   result,   in   choosing   what   seems   easier,   you   choose   something   very   heavy   and   hideous.

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3.223.   AR AR

Sin is dangerous.  Angels do not love sinners and flee.  Demons love sinners and eat them well boiled and roasted.

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3.230.   AR AR

You're standing on the edge and afraid to fall, and I'm flying into the abyss and hope that, first, it has no bottom, and secondly, I'm flying up.  But even if I don't, my third thought is, "I Have to do as much as I can before I hit bottom."  I'm not afraid to break, I'm afraid not to have time to finish the plan.

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4.106.   AR AR

Your chest pain is a consequence of not doing everything you could. You could have done more, but you didn't do more. You can more. Do more, get up early, work longer. The pain will go away when you do what you have to and can do.

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4.123.   AR AR

A dream is love. Serving your dream is happiness. A dream is the meaning of life and the purpose of a person in life. Above all, do not confuse vanity and mission in life.

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4.129.   AR AR

The realization that there is no one and nothing to envy will save you from many of your vices. Trust me, you'll feel better. No more jealousy, no more fear.

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4.304.   AR AR

The end justifies the means. The point here is that a good thing fights back with a vengeance, no matter how expensive it seems. To get what you want, you have to give everything you have, but it's worth it. 

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10.5604.   AR AR

It's okay that you stopped.  As you stand, your energy grows.  As soon as you give birth to the dream and the fear will disappear, you're like a rocket going into space.

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10.5599.   AR AR

When you do something, for example, run, do not think about the finish, enjoy the movement.  Movement is life.  If you start thinking about the finish line, it will create fear and drain your energy. 

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10.5574. Inspiring beauty.   AR AR

Admiration and inspiration is not when you get useless pleasure, but when you have the inspiration in your soul, too, to create something beautiful.

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10.5367. Take your time.   AR AR

The desire to do everything quickly generates a feeling of hopelessness, apathy and laziness.

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10.5366.   AR AR

Don't be afraid of inefficiency.  The main thing-the fact of movement, not speed.

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10.5296. Tomorrow is another day.   AR AR

Plan and dream better before going to bed, then the brain all night will think about your problems, and in the morning will give solutions.

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10.5292.   AR AR

Hope is everything.  When you look at things with hope and humility, it kills cognitive fear.

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10.5170. A ritual dance with a tambourine.   AR AR

You need a ritual dance with a tambourine to get down to business that would otherwise be too lazy to do.  Dance is the first easy step, after which it is easier to take the second step than to retreat.

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10.5094.   AR AR

It is necessary to plan in writing for the day only critical processes for which there is a fear of default.

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10.5085.   AR AR

Finish the day with a written plan of Affairs and wishes for the next day.  Put in this plan only the most important, what must be done necessarily.  The plan facilitates entry into the process and is the first small step, after which it is easier to take the second step.

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10.5081. Anti-procrastination pill.   AR AR

You need a ritual that precedes everything.  This is necessary for the formation of the script and facilitate the entry into the process.

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10.5080.   AR AR

Begin any work with the prayer " Lord, give me the strength to do this good deed for the glory of You."

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10.5010. LQ property of passion.   AR AR

IQ is nothing.  It is necessary to introduce LQ coefficient, which determines the ability of a person to love, that is, to concentrate on beautiful goals and serious tasks.  The ability to love is the true criterion of reason.

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10.4908. Experience is the source of faith.   AR AR

Uncertainty and uncertainty at the current level should be trusted.  Later, everything will be open to us.  As experience grows, so does confidence in uncertainty.  Over time, trust turns into firm confidence and faith.

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10.4902. Big statistical trick.   AR AR

By and large, you can judge things as positive, but at the same time accept the fact that a third of the judgments will be wrong.

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10.6639.   AR AR


10.6636.   AR AR


10.6632.   AR AR


10.6607.   AR AR


10.6562.   AR AR


10.6559.   AR AR


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10.6549.   AR AR


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10.6480.   AR AR


10.6456.   AR AR


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10.6285.   AR AR


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