9.6146.     AR AR

Brain  is  a  weapon,  the  state,  however,  is  against  free  possession  of  weapons.

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9.6147. Brains are a weapon, books are munitions.     AR AR

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9.7784.     AR AR

The stupidity stems from the unwillingness to feed the brain. Devoid of food brains are plunged into the darkness of stupidity.

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9.8042.     AR AR

Everyone   has   almost   the   same   brain,   but   the   software   is   different   with   everyone.

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9.8876.     AR AR

Brains are different. Sometimes the brain is an analytical machine, sometimes a game console, sometimes a coffee machine, etc.

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9.9209.     AR AR

Most of all the brains like a zombie.

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10.7094. Hobbits.     AR AR


On Paradise island, the height of a person has decreased to one meter, and the brain has shrunk to 600 grams.  When there are no enemies and problems, brains and strength are not needed.


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10.8434.     AR AR

Fight with what you have, and devote your free time to creating new weapons.  Rest is a time when you improve your weapons.  The main thing is your gun is yourself, your skills, abilities and brains.

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10.8439.     AR AR

The first commandment of a warrior is to protect and improve your weapons.  Your main weapon is your brains, skills and abilities.  Train and improve your weapons in minutes of rest.  Rest time is a time of training and improvement.

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10.9482.     AR AR

The ocean is very similar to the brain, when the ocean is angry, a storm begins.  Like fish, thoughts float in the head of the ocean.

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10.10529.     AR AR

The most frequently used categories of feelings get the maximum development, and sensitivity, and all others degrade.  On average, one person has developed from one to three channels for processing and receiving information.  People's brains are specialized in processing certain types of information.  Some people hear, others see, others read, others touch, etc.

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10.10965.     AR AR

Experience is good, but theory and brains are needed in order to interpret this experience correctly.

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10.12417.     AR AR

Brains were created to lie and deceive predators.

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10.13201.     AR AR

One of the most profitable investments is an investment in a means of production such as brains.

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10.15781.     AR AR

The mind is a product of pride, so the greater the hunger and the hope to eliminate it, the better the brain works.

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10.16768.     AR AR

Batman is the most real of all superheroes.  He has brains and money.  This set of resources is quite accessible to any decent person.

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10.16822.     AR AR

As the Bible teaches us, man was created by God...  According to the development of this thought, God took a brainless monkey and gave it brains.  "Let there be light of reason!"God said ...  and so it all gradually spun.

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