10.79. The program crashes? Virus?     AR AR

Once there was an animal, like all other animals, working on a given algorithm, and then there was a failure in the program, and the animal lost understanding of what to do.  The animal fell into fear and uncertainty, began to try to figure out what to do, what is good and what is bad, what is good and what is evil.  Yeah, that's right, you're the animal.

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3.505.     AR AR

The uncertainty of the quantum position is due to the fact that it moves at the speed of time, is simultaneously everywhere.

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3.413.     AR AR

Although you are terribly afraid of uncertainty, it must be admitted that uncertainty does not exist.  Chance is an illusion and a lie.

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3.255.     AR AR

If a man torments a woman with uncertainty and fear, a woman subconsciously wants to send him to hell and leave.  The point is, if she leaves and he is left without the love that is God, he will instantly fall into hell and go crazy.  And if it doesn't and will not fail, therefore, love was not in it so especially it is not needed.

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10.15234.     AR AR

Love is a unity of order and uncertainty to believe in.  It's all about faith.  If there is no uncertainty, faith will die.

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10.15306.     AR AR

Uncertainty is a random generator that allows love to live forever, for love is knowledge.

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10.15911.     AR AR

The whole point of love is uncertainty.  You kill uncertainty, you ruin love.  Uncertainty requires humility in the name of love.

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10.16715.     AR AR

Faith requires courage.  When you train your faith, you train your courage.  Cowards are afraid to believe.  Cowards are afraid of uncertainty and their ignorance.  Cowards are inexperienced and inexperienced.

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10.16783.     AR AR

Uncertainty is not infinite; rather, it is the consequence of a limited point of view.

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10.18371. X Factor.     AR AR

Life is a differential equation where uncertainty and randomness are expressed by factor X. Any attempt to determine factor X is automatic  it will also destroy life.

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10.18453.     AR AR

Any uncertainty is beautiful because it can be turned into certainty.  Uncertainty is the raw material, the gold ore from which gold is extracted.  Gold is a certainty.

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10.20598.     AR AR

The uncertainty is frightening…  Certainty pleases.  We can control everything we understand through our behavior.

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10.21194.     AR AR


Until you define a system, it can remain indefinitely in a state of uncertainty.  On the other hand, the state of certainty is finite, and sooner or later it goes back to the state of uncertainty.


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10.21195.     AR AR

Humility is what allows you to keep the paradox intact without cutting it  The Gordian knot.  The Gordian knot is a figure of eight, an energy loop, an infinite source of energy that ensures the integrity of the system.

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10.21314.     AR AR

The essence of the uncertainty principle is that until the system is defined, you can designate it as X and use it as you like.

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