10.14221. Low-Key Santa.   AR AR

In order not to spoil your loved ones, remember that fewer gifts are better than more.  Too much joy will turn everyone into drug addicts.

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10.15454. Be polite.   AR AR

When you ask Santa Claus for gifts, the main thing is not to be rude.

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10.15761. Gifts of fate.   AR AR

You don't look a gift horse in the mouth, so you can't criticize what Providence gives a person.  Everything that comes to you should be taken and enjoyed.  All that goes away, to give without regret to wounded pride.

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10.15785.   AR AR

What you watch and wait for never happens...  Why is that? 
- Because if you want to find presents, you can't follow Santa Claus.  Go to bed, all in good time.

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10.16025.   AR AR

To demand gifts from Santa Claus and take offense at him, what could be more stupid?  To claim a reward from the fate!  Have you lost all your fear?

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10.16368. Random gifts.   AR AR

When Santa Claus gives gifts during the year, he does it gradually and ostensibly by accident.

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10.18141.   AR AR

It's not a good idea to buy a woman gifts without her.  However, men also do not really like unnecessary things.

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10.18953.   AR AR

A gift is always a reward or a trap.

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10.19340.   AR AR

To get a gift, you need to make noise, attract attention, or soar in the clouds.

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10.19474.   AR AR

Gifts should be small, big gifts corrupt.  Great gifts are great fun.  Too much pleasure corrupts and breeds pride and fear.

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10.21979. Christmas gifts.   AR AR

When I looked at the Christmas tree carefully, I noticed that love is always there  it dies, but it is reborn every year by the power of our hope and love.  The Lotus also blooms only three days a year.

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